Charity Quilt from Heather and Cheryl

This beautiful quilt top in spring colors was made by Heather Lentz.  Cheryl in Dallas, my “backup charity quilter,” did the quilting and binding.  These two gals live in different states and have never met, but they collaborated on the latest charity quilt finish.

Heather’s quilt top was 71” x 84”.  She used calming colors of blue, green, white, and gray on this pattern.

Cheryl in Dallas loads the quilt top on the longarm.  The top of the quilt is fastened to the pickup rollers only. The sides are basted in place as each row is advanced.  I see rolls of batting stacked in the corner of the room.


This top was quilted with a digital pattern called “Threadz” designed by Patricia Ritter.  This screen shows one row of the digital pattern; the dark blue area has already been quilted by the machine as it works from right to left on this particular row.


The first row is underway, whizzing along at 10 stitches per inch.


Heather’s quilt has 20 blocks, with four units in each block.  Each unit contains one blue and one green fabric.  That is a big variety of 2 1/2” strips!



The swirly quilting motif in white thread is very subtle and doesn’t overshadow the beautiful fabrics.


Heather provided matching binding for the quilt.  The binding fabric was also used for the widest border.



While the longarm machine is running, Cheryl in Dallas joins the binding strips.


Quilting finished, the top gets a trim to even-up the three layers.  To enlarge the quilt, Cheryl added a third border.  Heather sent a lot of extra fabric and most of it coordinated with this quilt top, so it was easy to pick this gray-on-white pattern for the color scheme in the quilt.


The binding turned out pretty good.  Cheryl sews all of her binding by machine.  No hand binding for that girl.


This twin size quilt is now 79” x 92”.   It will lose a few inches when it gets a wash, but that is still a generous size for a single bed.


You know how I love polka dots.  I found dot fabrics in 12 of the 20 blocks in this quilt.



More polka dots.



. . . and a few more polka dots.


The backing is a pale green fabric that Cheryl just happened to have in her backing stash.


Almost ready to go!  This quilt will get a label and a good wash to make it soft and crinkly.  Then, it is headed to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  Two new women are expected to arrive at the House of Hope next week to begin the residential program, so this quilt needs to beat them there.  Thanks to the generous help of blog readers, each gal who has lived at the House of Hope since 2016 has received her own quilt.  You quilters are so generous with your talents.



Thanks to Heather and Cheryl for sharing their handiwork and photos with us.  Thanks to all the quilters who have helped the House of Hope residents by making such wonderful quilted treasures..and if anyone is looking for this pattern I think it is a version of Bonnie Hunter’s Boxy Star pattern that can be found here.



8 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Heather and Cheryl”

  1. Another beautiful charity quilt!!! Great colors and design!!! Someone is really going to love this quilt!!! Fabulous job ladies!!!!

  2. The quilt is lovely, thank you to Cheryl and Heather for sharing their talents with the House of Hope. Beautiful work by all involved.

  3. That is a lovely quilt. I just finished a quilt in the Boxy Star pattern this morning. I did it in patriotic colors and it will be a QOV quilt.

  4. Ohhh, this is just such a lovely quilt! I love the calming colors, and any fabric that has polka dots is highly attractive to me. Special thanks to Heather and Cheryl for their excellent work. It was wonderful to see the close-up photos of the fabric and the quilting.

  5. Cheryl worked her magic again!! I love the second border she added. Many blessings to the ladies at House of Hope.

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