Charity Quilt From Gladys

Gladys has been one VERY busy girl.  SUPER BUSY.  A bit ago a blog reader, Inger, had sent lots of fabric to me with the request that it go to charity.  In there were come scrap blocks.  I found another blog reader, Gladys that was willing to take the fabrics and make them into quilts.  I had no idea that it would make so many.

Many of the scraps I sent to Gladys were like this…

Gladys writes:
(To make the quilts)I cut them into  squares, sewing the trimmings together to make more fabric, I added in some leftover strip sets, and other fabrics, and ended up with 4 quilts from those hunks and additions.
They are 66″ x 78″

and another one at 66″ x 78″

one with a piano key boarder, 80″ x 80″

and a final one at 60″ x 72″.

“You also sent enough fat quarters and the wickedly easy pattern for a throw size quilt.

I added more hunks and strips and came up with a Wickedly Easy 100″ x 112″.”  Check this one out!!!

And another Wickedly Easy 80″ x 96″”…plus this cute small quilt.

“These will all go to the Veterans home at Marshalltown.”

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW GLADYS!!!  You were a busy girl and did a wonderful job making good from all the scraps.

It looks like Gladys is out of fabric.  If anyone has some to donate, I’m sure she would love it.  You can find Gladys’ contact information here on our Quilt Donation page.  She is #6 on the listing.

Thanks so much to Inger for starting this great work by donating and of course to Gladys.  May your quilts warm the hands and hearts of many.

11 thoughts on “Charity Quilt From Gladys”

  1. Thank you Inger for the donation of the fabric. And Gladys, the generosity of your time to make all those quilts for veterans brings tears to my eyes! May God richly bless you both.

  2. The quilts were lovely Gladys. The Veterans home will love them. And
    thank you Inger for the fabric you
    donated. God Bless.

  3. It is amazing what can be made from a bunch of scraps that someone no longer wanted!!! Kudos to both ladies!!

  4. I met up with Gladys for lunch one time when I was in town. She is just as nice in person as all the quilts she makes! She’s a very active of the “Stashbusters” group on Yahoo.

  5. Cheryl in Dallas

    Gladys, you are one busy quilter! Good for you, and thank you for your work for a worthy charity. So nice of Inger to take the time to find a good home for her fabrics and partial projects. It takes a village to make a quilt sometimes. You two women are good examples of how communities are supposed to work.

  6. Gladys is a wonder. She’s a long-time member of the Stashbusters YahooGroup and regularly posts photos of the quilt she makes from orphan blocks and scraps.

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Oh, so nice to see quilts from Gladys again!! “Met” her in Scrapbusters (a yahoo group) years ago – she always knows what to do with scraps and seems to sew 20 hours a day!!

  8. Inger Malmberg

    Thanks to Jo of Jos Country Junction and Gladys my fabric bits are now helping out veterans.

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