Charity Quilt from Cheryl and LINDA

Yet Another Charity Quilt Finish.  I’ve loved seeing them come in.

Linda sent in quilt top for donation to a charity.  This one is a pink, burgundy, and blue beauty.  Sharon has been an amazing force in helping charity quilts get out to those in need.

I sent Sharon’s quilt top to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting and binding.  The top is 73″ x 98″ before binding, which is a generous size twin quilt.

Here, the quilt top gets the “half row” of quilting added at the top.  Many digital patterns include a partial row at the top and bottom to fill in blank areas of the whole pattern.


This quilter “floats” her quilt tops on the longarm machine.  Many quilters attach the bottom edge of the quilt top to another roller to keep it out of the way while the machine is working.  It is a matter of preference and how the quilter was trained.


Look at these carefully matched squares!  Sharon has mastered the art of precision piecing.


This swirly digital pattern is called Embellish, created by Hermione Agee, and is available at Digi-Tech Patterns.


The Quilter’s Assistant gets ahold of the trimmed-off batting and backing.  This is the End Of The Line for fabric scraps that cannot be used for any other purpose.  Libe spends a lot of time in the quilting room working on scraps of fabric.  Unfortunately, Libe quickly gets tired of each project, so she starts a lot more than she finishes.  Sound familiar?


Here the binding is being attached to the top edge of the quilt.


The binding looks pretty good in process, a nice sharp angle on that corner.


Sharon’s finished quilt gets displayed on a backyard fence in Dallas.


The close up of the center mofit shows details of the pattern.  I don’t know what it is called, but it looks like a variation of Trip Around The World.


Blue quilting thread shows up the quilting details so well.



After the photo shoot, this quilt is waiting for a turn in the washing machine.  The soft and crinkly quilt will soon be traveling from Dallas to the House of Hope for women in Gainesville, Florida.

Thanks to Cheryl and Sharon another gal from the House of Hope will be blessed with a beautiful quilt.

11 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Cheryl and LINDA”

    1. OH no!!!!!!
      I labeled these when I was off recovering from my cancer treatment. I’m hoping it didn’t happen to others too. Looking back I can see that there was more brain fog then I knew. I apologize to all involved. It’s a beauty. I feel awful. Whoever did make it please let us know.

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Hey Sharon, Apparently the name of the quilter who made this beauty got mixed up. I sure hope the person who did make this quilt will let us know. It is such a great quilt, and all of Jo’s readers want to give that person a round of applause for donating this quilt to a worthy cause.

  2. Hi Jo – I sent you this quilt top. I pieced It in the early 1990’s and I remember drawing the design out on graph paper and coloring it with colored pencils. As I live in rural Montana, the fabrics were mail ordered, chosen from 1″ sample squares. I enjoyed the quilting process through your pictures, great job Cheryl!. I make and donate about 10 quilts a year to charity (all done on my DSM) but none this big. Don’t remember why I didn’t finish this one so I’m glad you and Cheryl did and it will now bless someone!

    1. Oh Thank you for speaking up. I feel just awful that the tags got mixed up. WOW..10 quilts is an amazing number. Hats off to you and Cheryl for an amazing job!!

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Linda in Montana, I am SO glad you let us know you made this beautiful quilt top. And you designed it too? I am astonished! What precision and detailed work went into this quilt.

    I just got a note yesterday from the House of Hope in Gainesville that more ladies have arrived for the program, so I am going to hand carry quilts to them this week when I travel. Thank-you for having a part in blessing these gals.

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