Charity Quilt from Cheryl and Laura (both of Dallas!)

A beautiful quilt in Civil War fabrics is the most recently completed charity quilt project.  This quilt top came to me from Laura Hervey in Dallas.  Laura’s quilt is what I called “controlled scrappy,”  each block or section of the quilt has the same fabrics, and each block has a different set of fabrics.  This is the quilt top as I received it, about 72” x 86”.  Don’t you love how there are several secondary designs for the eye to follow?


With the quilt retreat and many baby and wedding gifts to make, I was behind in my charity quilting, so I sent this one to Cheryl in Dallas for completion.  Yes, from Dallas to Iowa to Dallas!  Cheryl added a black border to make the quilt a few inches larger so it will generously cover a twin bed.


Check out these close up photos of Laura’s piecing.  She is an expert!  I am thinking that Laura must use a microscope for her work. . . flawless.  Each intersection matches perfectly.


You know how much I love Civil War fabrics.  I enjoyed studying these photos to see the wonderful prints Laura used.  Orange and gold:



Orange and gold appears again, but the color placement makes this block look like it is totally different from the one above.  But they are the same design!



Red appeared frequently in many different varieties.



Lots of olive and other drab greens with gold.



Cheryl used a digital pattern called “Amethyst” by Patricia Ritter and Natalie Gorman.



Getting started on the longarm.  Look how the small white blocks line up perfectly.  Yes, a great job of precision work.



Cheryl wrote that she doesn’t have many Civil War colors, but this red seems to be a pretty good choice for the binding.


Here it is, on a lovely 100 degree day in Dallas.



A blue calico-like print enlarged the backing just a tad.  You know how it is when you find the “perfect” backing and then discover that it is a few inches too short?  Insert a matching strip and keep on quilting.



The quilting pattern shows up well on the tan part of the backing.



Almost finished.  Laura’s beautiful quilt will get a label and a turn in the washing machine.  The FedEx deliveryman will take it from Dallas (where it all began) to Gainesville, Florida, and the House of Hope.  These charity quilts need to collect frequent flier miles!  The next new House of Hope resident will feel so welcome when she receives this wonderful quilt.



Thank you Laura and Cheryl!  This quilt shows that both of you put a lot of skill and love into your work.  It will probably be the most prized possession for a House of Hope gal.












14 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Cheryl and Laura (both of Dallas!)”

  1. This is beautiful !! Such awesome workmanship ! What is the name of the pattern ? I have some civil war fabrics I would like to use. I have been holding on to them for a long time, waiting to find the perfect pattern.

  2. Wonderful journey….I’m sure that will warm someones heart and soul!! You all do GREAT work!! And such a beautiful quilt, pieced and long-armed both!!

  3. Just another amazing quilt ladies. The fabrics, design and piecing are beautiful. Did anyone else notice the machine quilting in blue thread, I think the was a great choice along with the pattern! Blessings to those who donate time and materials for the House of Hope.

  4. Beautiful quilt…I love Civil War reproduction fabrics and this quilt really showcases the richness of these fabrics!! Makes me want to stop what I am working on and pull out the bins of Civil War repros!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this one!

  5. Cheryl in Dallas

    Thank you, quilters, for the nice compliments. It is a joy to quilt such beautiful tops as this one. I don’t how Jo picks the quilt tops she forwards to me, but I get fabulous examples of quilting art! I, too, like to make tops with a gazillion pieces (think Bonnie Hunter patterns), so I know that Laura Hervey put a lot of work into this one. A future resident of House of Hope will be so glad to get this quilt. Most gals go to the House of Hope directly from jail, so they have nothing but the clothes on their back.

    The House of Hope director told me this morning they are trying to prepare for Hurricane Irma as best they can. Gainesville is about 60 miles inland from the east coast of Florida (even with Jacksonville), so here’s hoping the area doesn’t get hit too hard by the wind and rain.

  6. This is a gorgeous quilt! Wonderful work, Ladies! I, too, would have had a hard time giving this one away! It will make someone else so very happy to receive it.

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