Charity Quilt from Cheryl

Cheryl sent an email with pictures from yet another quilt that she finished up.

This sampler quilt was made by Jennifer Price.  She made such a beautiful quilt with only four colors:  purple, green, white, and black.  There are many fabrics in each color.  That, plus the variety of designs makes this a great quilt to look at and study.


Jennifer set her quilt on-point, something I admire.  It makes such a pretty arrangement, but you have to admit, it takes more work than a horizontal quilt.



This one has a “violet” theme with lots of the fabrics containing violets, pansies, and other small purple flowers that I don’t recognize.  You know I’m looking for African violets!



Jennifer sent her quilt to me from Delaware, and I forwarded it to Texas, where Cheryl in Dallas took over.  Cheryl used her longarm to do the quilting, and then she added the binding.

Cheryl in Dallas used a digital quilt pattern called Embellish, by Hermione Agee, for the Violet Quilt.



The computer is doing all the quilting work on this project.  This row is being stitched from left to right, and the dark blue shading shows the part of the pattern that has already been stitched.


In this close-up photo, you can see swirly feathers in the green, purple, and tan fabrics.  That is echoed in the quilting pattern.



Jennifer’s quilt has 12 sampler blocks interspersed with 6 white and green “spacer” blocks.  Each sampler block has a great variety of fabrics.



More pansies . . .

And some itty bitty purple flowers. . .



Viola!  A completed Violet Quilt!  This one measures 68” x 92” before washing.  It is just the right size for a twin bed.cheryl-10


Cheryl supplied this lavender marbled fabric for the binding.  With all of the shades of purple in the quilt, it looks like this was planned.


The light green backing with pale green leaves was big enough so that it didn’t have to be pieced.  When I get to this part of a quilt, I don’t want to spend time piecing a backing — I want to move on to the next quilt.



The Violet Quilt is heading to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  The residential home accommodates up to 14 women at the time, and the next one to arrive will love this quilt.



Jennifer, you did a great job on making the Violet Quilt!  Thanks to Cheryl in Dallas for finishing it and passing it on to a gal who will treasure it.   WOW.  I love putting together charity quilt posts.  They always have a happy ending!!



9 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Cheryl”

  1. That’s a beautiful quilt. Did you realise that it is in the suffragette’s colours? Very fitting that it goes to a woman trying to be strong.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt. When blocks are turned on point, that give them more bling! I don’t think putting blocks on point is more challenging than a straight set and they looks so more interesting. The House of Hope sounds like a great charity, the quilt will be well loved.

  3. I love all the sampler blocks and being set on point makes it really pop. It is wonderful to see so many hands make this gift possible, women helping to lift a woman up. Inspiring!

  4. Such a lovely quilt, very pretty colours. It’s great how your team of supporting sewers pull together to make these lovely quilts for worthy causes. Keep up the good work.

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