Charity Quilt from Cheryl

Another finish from a dynamic duo in blog-land.  This quilt top was made by Connie Carpenter from Minnesota.  You won’t believe the amazing detail on this quilt.  It is worth some close-up photos.

This is what it looked like when Connie finished the top.


The asymetrical top has two maroon borders and two blue borders.  The quilt has three different corner treatments.

Can you believe the detail on this fan at the lower left corner?  Nineteen separate pieces of fabric.



There are three of these little kimonos at the bottom of the center panel.  This is not a print, it is pieced!


Even the little obis are appliquéd on these mini-kimonos.  I wonder what these Chinese characters say.  Does anyone read kanji?


The geisha lady panel is the focal point, and the lovely on-point squares to the right mirror the fall colors in the leaves above her head.



In this close-up of the on-point units, you can see that different patterns of black fabric were used on either side of the units.



I sent Connie’s quilt top to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting and binding.  It is loaded on to the longarm machine, sideways.  It takes less time to run the longarm when the quilt is loaded lengthwise because there are fewer rows to work on.


The digital quilting pattern is an oversize Baptist fan.  This one is “Continuous Baptist Fans,” designed by Hermione Agee.  Brown varigated thread was used on this quilt, but it is hard to tell the color because of the variety of fabrics.



Look at how delicate this little fan is.  Only 2 1/2” inches tall and it includes 12 fan sections!


The red kanji fabric is only 1 1/2” square.  Can you see how Connie lined the points up perfectly on the border?  Too bad the brown flange is covering up that detail.


Gold sashing only 1/2” wide, but it does the job of separating the different sections of the quilt.


After a quick trip on the longarm, the quilt top gets a trim to cut off the excess batting and backing.  And to square up the quilt top.


The Geisha Lady Quilt is displayed on a backyard fence in Dallas.  Good thing there is shade because at this time of year, the temperature is 92 degrees F. even under the trees.  Here it is….connie-13


The Geisha Lady likes her setting as the focal point of this quilt.



The backing is pale brown.   Cheryl was happy to find one piece of fabric large enough for the backing.  She usually has to piece the backings.


This quilt is next in line for a label and trip through the washing machine.  Cheryl’s favorite charity is the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  Every lady who goes through the residential program gets a quilt when she arrives.  There are only 14 women in the group at a time.  Those gals treasure their special gifts, and they proudly display them as bedspreads.


I an so glad that Cheryl in Dallas sent a lot of pictures because I enjoyed seeing all the detail Connie Carpenter put into this quilt.  My blog readers are the best!  Thank you, quilters, for sharing the Geisha Lady Quilt with us.





6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Cheryl”

  1. That is one beautiful quilt! Connie was very creative on creating the top and the quilting is perfect for the Asian design!! Wonderful job ladies!!!

  2. Thank you for the compliments on this quilt. This was a Round Robin though and several of the girls in our quilt group contributed to the borders on this quilt. Thank you Cheryl for doing a great job on the quilting!

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Connie, I never would have thought that the quilt was a Round Robin project. I was thinking that maybe it was a class in how to make beautiful borders or to do appliqué or to do tiny piecing. It is a lovely quilt! Kudos to you and your quilt group friends for such a wonderful finish.

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