Charity Quilt Finishes

Guess what  Patricia T in Spokane, WA?  The quilt tops you sent oh so long ago are FINISHED and onto a worthy charity.

These quilt tops were sent to me long ago and I finally got to them in late spring.  They were sent on to Nancy K in Texas to do the binding.

The quilts were gorgeous and perfect for donation quilts as the colors are great.  Here is Nancy (on the left) holding the quilts that she passed on to the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter.


Both of the quilts that Nancy bound were made by Patricia T in Spokane.

Nancy writes, “Hello – just a quick update to let you know that I delivered two quilts to the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter office this morning.  They were very pleased to receive such beautiful quilts and were so interested to learn that the quilts had made their way all the way from Washington via Iowa to Texas.  What a unique path to travel to go to two women who have been faced with some difficult times.

The pictures I’ve attached show the two quilts – the executive director and I are holding the pinwheel quilt and the executive director and one of her associates and I are holding the patchwork quilt.  I’m the white-haired lady.

Please let Patricia know how honored I was to work on such beautifully constructed quilts. And your quilting was beautiful!  Thank you again for allowing me to participate in this project.”

I am so happy that these quilts are making their way to help ladies who are served by a Women’s Shelter.  I have always felt one of my biggest blessings in life is to have a Hubby who is kind, gentle and completely loving to me.  I can’t imagine life with someone who wasn’t all of those things.

May these quilts give comfort to those who receive them and may they too someday find someone to share their life in a respectful way.

Thanks so much Nancy and Patricia for your part in helping the women who will be warmed by these quilts.

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  1. So why couldn’t a quilter in Spokane WA donate her quilt top to a place in Spokane WA that would help the women in her area? Why did this top/quilt have to travel half way through the country to help someone? Look to your own neighborhoods, cities, towns.
    Let charity begin at home. (and before you all put me down again, I am not against what Jo’s Country Junction does for charity, I just think we could all just start in our own little neighborhood, and that would start the ripple effect into the entire country/world)

  2. Such beautiful quilts – job well done! I understand Dorothy’s point and my response is that it’s her choice as to how she chooses to donate. I typically donate through both channels. My local guild provides opportunity for children’s charities, veterans, and domestic violence shelters which I participate. I have also participated through this blog any many others. I have bound quilts and donated tops. Recently the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild had a call for blocks and quilt tops for the victims of the Pulse Night Club shootings. They received over 1100 quilts and have started distribution to the victims, families, and response personnel. Any extras will be donated to local social service agencies. I started local and it has rippled. Perhaps this is a similar situation for other quilters too? I

  3. Thanks Jo….for the beautiful quilt shown in your blog. I love pinwheels and the Pinwheel quilt was true inspiration. Of course, it didn’t hurt that it was red and white. Bless you for all you do and for all the people you inspire. I love your blog and your example of a kind heart.

  4. Lovely quilts. I like the idea that each quilters can use her gifts on these quilts. One to piece,one to quilt, one to bind. Not everyone has a long arm or time to quilt a quilt so you,Jo, by connecting quilters are building a chain. Thank you. I’ve sent quilts to Flood quilts this year for Louisiana victims and donated locally to crisis pregnancy center and first graders in need. Give where you can and bless.

  5. Sometimes it’s hard to find a long-arm quilter to quilt the bigger tops for charity and Jo is willing to do many of them. I think that’s why gals send their tops to Jo.

    I participate in 2 organizations that make and give quilts to various organizations–this year one organization asked that we make smaller quilts that are width of fabric, focusing on children’s fabric, and quilt them ourselves. They have totes full of big tops that need to be quilted and not many people willing to take on that task.

  6. Dorothy,

    If you are a long-arm quilter who wants to donate your time to quilt bed sized quilts for folks in your area, please come forward. You can also coordinate the donations of backing fabric and batting. I am sure your efforts will be appreciated.

  7. Patricia templin

    Thank you ladies for doing such a beautiful job with my quilt tops. Just donated five completed quilts in my community. I love to piece and love to share my projects. Thank you Jo for your good works. Because of you and your “army” of finishers, our quilts are finding good homes…..wrapping others in love

  8. It is so wonderful that you quilt all the beautiful quilt tops that others send you. It’s great that you have recruited a small army of finishers. Bless you and your army!

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