Charity Quilt Finishes from Mary Jo and Kathy

Mary Jo has been on a roll.  Last week I showed you of the quilts she got bound….this week, TWO MORE!  Awesome.

The quilts that Mary Jo worked on originally came from Kathy in Alexis, IL.  Kathy writes, “Here’s a few tops to do with as you wish, charity or whatever.  I have too many so I’m sharing.  I read your blog every day & wonder how you get it all done.”

Well I get the charity quilting done with LOTS of help from people like you and Mary Jo.

Onto the quilts….Isn’t this one a beauty…



That was a tease…I bet you want to see the whole thing.  Right?
Here it is.  I love it.


Such nice work was done on this one.


The second one is smaller.

This one was so cute and I wanted to make it only, of course, in queen sized!!


So cute.


Mary Jo felt so bad that it took her a bit to get at the quilts.  What happened is that her 20 year old computerized sewing machine died.  She took it in to get it fixed and the part was going to be very expensive.  In the end it turned out that she decided to get a new machine instead.  So then she had to get used to the new machine.  I felt kind of bad that the machine broke on charity quilts….Mary Jo didn’t see to though.  I think she was glad to get a new machine.  Mary Jo also wrote to say, “Feel free to bring me some more quilts to bind.  I have a great new sewing machine to use to sew the binding on.  :>)”

Mary Jo writes, “The large of the two quilts looks to be around 70×80.   I loved the use of black in the sashing for the blocks.  There is also a great pieced border.  The backing fabric reminds me of the marbled end papers in old books.  Kathy also send a table topper/wall handing.  It has a huge assortment of fabric, not many repeats.  She did great piecing work in both quilts.  The binding is a nice dark purple, and backing fabric is a small pattern pink print.”

Thanks ladies…what a joy to have two more quilts going to – New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Center –  Looks like a great organization.




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