Charity Quilt Finishes from Karen

Oh happy day…another day of charity quilts finished up.  This time there are TWO both bound by Karen G from Sidney, OH.

The first finish was from Ruth P in Glenside, PA.

This almost reminded me of a jelly roll race quilt that needed to be a little bit bigger.  I’m not sure if it was but what a great idea.  Make a jelly roll race quilt then cut equal distances off the sides.  Sew in the strip of grey and then sew the edges back on.  I’ve loved jelly roll race quilts but they always seem a little small for me (remember I like my quilts BIG).


Next up this one was sewn by a volunteer sewer in New Hampton, IA.

For this one the fabric originally was donated to me.  It came in strips that were already cut.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it and one of my girls suggested a jelly roll race quilt.  A volunteer from New Hampton sewed it together and it ended up REALLY long and narrow due to my poor calculations.

When I did the great sweep of trying to finish up charity quilts I decided it was time to address this quilt and figure out what to do with the long narrow thing.  I dreaded pulling it out but once I was so easy.  Quick as a wink I knew.  Cut it in half and make two baby quilts and that’s exactly what I did…one went to Jill K to bind and the other to Karen.
I am so glad that I finally just finished them.  They will make a fine donation quilt.  This quilt is just proof that sometime I just need to “do it”.  Less fretting and more doing is what I need in life.

Didn’t they both turn out wonderful.  I’m so happy.  Both of these are being donated to Quilts of Compassion in Toledo, Ohio.  They work to provide quilts to people who suffer due to storm damage.  It’s a great organization!

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