Charity Quilt Finish: Wandering Ways

Blog readers often send me quilt tops.   I machine quilt the tops and bind them.  Then the finished quilts are sent off to a worthy charity.  This is one of those….

I bound the Wondering Ways charity quilt.  Unfortunately as I am writing this it is raining and I can’t sneak outside for some good photos.

I’ve loved this quilt from when it was first sent to me.  It’s a lap quilt.  Originally the quilt didn’t have the outside border so it was a little small.  I hunted to find a good border fabric and added it.  Now it’s up a size and I think that it will be more usable now.


The workmanship on this is top notched.  It’s just a beauty.  The seams are all precision sewn.  Sadly I don’t know who to credit for making this.  It is from one of the first batches of charity quilt tops that I have ever received.  I am embarrassed to say it’s taken me so long to finish it.  One of the reasons was that I just didn’t know if I should add the border or not.  In the end I am glad I did.


I wanted the piecers talent to show so I down played the machine quilting.  It’s just a simple stipple with thread to match the best I could.


I love strips for the backing but hate when they get so they don’t follow perfectly in a straight line which is what happened with this one.  Oh well.  It is still a fine quilt and in the end, the person who likely receives this won’t mind or care.


Like I said, it’s a rainy day here…thankfully no snow.  Ruby was napping and didn’t appreciate the call to wake up and pose for a picture.  Poor dog.

Thanks so much to the quilter who made this charity top, I really love the quilt!!

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish: Wandering Ways”

  1. The quilt looks lovely. Just curious – what do you think is a ‘good size’ for Charity Quilts? How many quilts have you donated this year? It must be quite a lot.

  2. Wow, the quilt is beautiful. Lots of work in this one. If it were mine, it would have been a keeper. Would love to see what this she keeps, if this is a give-away. I’m sure it will be cherished by the receiver. Nice work.

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