Charity Quilt Finish: Natalie and Brenna at Work

Awhile ago I got an email from blog reader Brenna.  She was purchasing a long arm quilting machine with her friend Natalie and they were offering to finish a few charity quilts.  She explained that they wanted some quilts to practice on thinking that they could learn to use the machine and help out by finishing quilts all at the same time.

Well that sounded PERFECT to me.  They are just what I needed.  At the time my shoulder was acting up and I had my second foot surgery so help was appreciated too.

Well the girls got busy and this is their first finish…


The girls passed this quilt on to their local guild members and someone else did the binding.  WOW…how cool is the story of this quilt…AMAZING.  The chain of charity all started in Hatfield, AR in the sewing room of Sharon Jedkins.  She is the maker of the top.

Brenna wrote a whole blog post about the quilt on her blog.  Please hop over to her blog and read the story.  Here’s the link.  Leave some comments there and show the girls some love and appreciation for their work!!

4 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish: Natalie and Brenna at Work”

  1. I so enjoy reading how everyone just gets it done! beautiful work by all who helped out and it gets placed with someone who is in need. Bravo!!

  2. Sharon Judkins

    Hi Jo, thanks for showing my quilt after it is all quilted. It looks so good! Glad to be able to donate some tops for a great cause. Also, I live in Hatfield, Arkansas not Alaska! Not a big deal, just wanted to clarify that. Thanks so much for all you do and for giving a place to donate some of the many tops I have made over the years. I will never get all of them quilted myself so I am glad you are able to help out.

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Great job, Brenna and Natalie! Wonderful work on making the quilt top, Sharon! So glad to see these charity quilts getting into the hands of people who will use them. These collaborative efforts make my heart happy. Kudos to all of you quilters.

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