Charity Quilt Finish from Ronda

When Karl was home I started explaining to him the charity quilt process we have here on the blog.  WOW, until I explained it to someone else all in words and then watched their mouth drop did I really realize how cool this all is.  I think for Karl it was especially cool.  He doesn’t think of me more than just mom-sitting in Iowa-taking care of babies….and that’s okay.  That’s all I aspire to be.  Somehow more has fallen in my lap and that’s okay too.  I can’t be thankful enough for all the great people I’ve come in contact with along this charity quilt journery including Ronda, who is sharing today’s charity quilt finish.

Ronda writes, “Hi Jo, This quilt was made from a kit you sent my way.  It came with a pattern that I had a hard time trying to make the pieces come together at the corners, so I substituted  a pattern of my own.  I bought the backing several years ago when one of our local quilt shops went out of business and had a big sale.  I had no plan for it, but figured it would come in handy “some day”.  It matched perfectly with the greens, oranges, and dark brown!  And I love the way the binding pattern came together just right in the corners.  This was a joy to work on!  Since this one feels more special to me, I will use it for the next fundraiser, as I make many other simpler and more scrappy quilts that I donate to the shelters and places where they probably get washed quite a lot.  Thanks so much for sending it my way and I will keep you updated when I know where it is going.”


Here’s a photo of the back and the binding pattern that Ronda referred to.  See?

Cool, right?

Ronda originally felt bad that she didn’t use the pattern that came with the quilt kit.  I TOTALLY understand.

So often people say to me “Why do you sew so many Bonnie Hunter quilts?”  This is the reason.  Her patterns and the way she writes them makes sense to my brain.  It’s how I would write them.  I understand them.  I can read them once and know exactly what to do.  Sometimes if I were to make a pattern from a different designer, I have to read and reread the directions….and then not always understand.

I’m glad to know that this happens to other people too.  I’m also glad that Ronda didn’t let that frustrate her too much and went on to make an amazing quilt.  Thanks so much Ronda!!  You are a shining star in this charity quilt life.  Thanks also to the blog reader who donated the kit that was sent on to Ronda.  It takes a village to make these charity quilts!!  Thanks ladies….and thanks for letting me be the “middle man”.

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  1. I found your blog about 6 weeks ago and I want you to know that I have really enjoyed your musings! I love your energy and creativity as you go from one project to another. I quilt with the Lutherans at my church twice a month where we make quilts for Lutheran World Relief. These 60 by 80 quilts go to third world countries. People just show up with fabric and leave it at our section where we quilt. Yesterday, someone had left a pile of red/white/blue fabric that, when I went through it, it was all shirts. Someone had access to a trucklload of blue and white pin stripe shirts and I sorted them into piles, all the same to be cut into squares. So much fun! Thank you for all you do! Carol

  2. Love Rhonda’s quilt and anyone will. Thanks to all the charity quilt community and for all you share. I enjoy reading your blog every day.

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