Charity Quilt Finish from Jill

So many of the charity quilts that we worked on are getting finished.  It’s so awesome for me to see the pictures of them coming back in and be finished.

This is one from Jill.

For this one the fabric originally was donated to me.  It came in strips that were already cut.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it and one of my girls suggested a jelly roll race quilt.  A volunteer from New Hampton sewed it together and it ended up REALLY long and narrow due to my poor calculations.

When I did the great sweep of trying to finish up charity quilts I decided it was time to address this quilt and figure out what to do with the long narrow thing.  I dreaded pulling it out but once I was so easy.  Quick as a wink I knew.  Cut it in half and make two baby quilts and that’s exactly what I did.

One got sent to Jill and another to a different volunteer binder.

The backing for this was actually a duvet cover that I bought at the thrift store for two dollars.  The fabric of it almost looks pieced but it reality it is just the print of the fabric.  I thought it looked good with the front.


Jill writes: ” The quilts (from my group) get blessed and then sent to Methodist Children’s Hospital,in San Antonio, TX. The hospital chaplain gives them out to the patients. She has told us that she gives them to children with a cancer or cardiac diagnosis….”

I am so happy that all of these quilts are getting out and going to good places.

Thanks to the everyone who helped make this quilt happen.

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  1. I love this strippy quilt. Good strong vibrant colours which you have echoed beautifully in the duvet cover backing. An excellent way to re-purpose the duvet cover and its colours and patchwork appearance are perfect for this quilt. Isn’t it great when everyone’s work comes together so successfully?

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