Charity Quilt Finish from Cheryl and Cathy

My favorite Dallas longarmer sent lots of pictures of this most recent charity quilt finish.  This quilt top was made by Cathy Whitehead in Wakarusa, Indiana.  Isn’t it fabulous?!  Bonnie Hunter fans will recognize it as one of her classic patterns called “Jared Takes A Wife.”  I have always liked this pattern although I rarely see it completed.  With all of the work that goes into the quilt, I understand why.


So much detail to study in this quilt . . .  Look at the corner treatment; it makes an otherwise plain border very special.  There is even a tiny square at the corner of the dark brown border.


I forwarded this quilt top to Cheryl in Dallas during the summer, and I’m glad she finished it in time for fall.  The colors are perfect for the season.  Cheryl has the top loaded onto her longarm ready for the first row of quilting.


Look at the detail in this block:  perfect matching points and all the four-patches intersect at 90 degree angles.  Even the quilt police would be impressed with Cathy’s work.



I just realized why I never take photos like this while my longarm machine is stitching—I need both hands to move the machine across the quilt.  Cheryl in Dallas uses an automated set-up to quilt out the patterns.



This pattern is the classic Baptist Fans.  This version is called Continuous Baptist Fans, by Hermione Agee and is available at Urban Elementz.


Cathy, I hope you think it was worth the wait to see your finished quilt!  The quilt is 82” x 98”.  It is big enough for a full size bed, but considering where it is headed, it will probably be used as a bedspread on a twin bed.



A close-up of Baptist fans on the border detail.



Cathy supplied the brown mottled backing to complete her quilt.  It is so nice when volunteers include backing or binding with the donated quilt tops, but I don’t expect it.  My blog readers spoil me.



A reader asked in the comments section why some quilts are washed before they are donated.  Here you can see why.  After being dragged around on the floor and outside with lots of nature, the quilt picks up dirt, dog hair, and bits of dead leaves.  Best to get rid of that before someone cuddles up with the quilt.


After the label is attached and a trip through the Wishy Washy Laundromat, this quilt is going to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  The gals at the House of Hope come to the program after release from prison, and most of them are estranged from their families, so they are dependent on the kindness of strangers to help them get their lives on track.  This quilt will be the most beautiful and treasured possession for a new resident when she joins the program.


Thank you, Cathy and Cheryl, for sharing your skills and love with someone who needs a quilty hug.  You can check out the free pattern for Jared Takes A Wife at this site:  This quilt is on my “someday list”.  Have you made one or is it on your “someday” list too?


6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish from Cheryl and Cathy”

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Let me join the crowd of people who loves “Jared Takes A Wife.” I have never made it — maybe because I’m intimidated by all of those pieces. But Cathy’s wonderful rendition has reawakened by need to have one of my own, so it is definitely going on My List. I think I have enough greens and browns to make it right now . . . so I need to be on the lookout for gold fabrics.

    Beautiful job, Cathy, it was a joy to work on your quilt top.

  2. Thank you for the compliments. I’m so happy to see it go where it is needed instead of languishing in my pile of quilts to be quilted. Thanks Cheryl for quilting it (love the baptist fan quilting!) and sending it off to House of Hope.

  3. Quilt top and quilting are both beautiful. Thanks to the wonderful quilters who share their talent and time to others. Thanks for sharing.

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