Charity Quilt Finish

Blog readers often send me quilt tops.   I machine quilt them and bind them.  Then they are sent off to a worthy charity.  This is one of those….

I’m doing pretty good.  I’ve been trying to do something charity quilt related each week even if it’s just doing the binding and that’s what I accomplished on this one this week, the binding is on.

I have to admit, I love this quilt….I also have to admit finding a binding material has been a challenge.  Nothing in my stash seemed quite right.


So much work has gone into this quilt.  I appreciate that it will be able to be moved on to a permanent home where someone can love it for life.


Sadly this is one of those quilts that got mixed up and lost it’s tag when Kelli and I did the last big sewing room clean out.  I keep thinking it was donated by Linda but don’t know for sure.  It makes me feel so bad not to give proper credit where credit is due.


The quilting is just a floral free motion that I do whenever I can’t come up with something different.  My dad would call that “his old stand-by”.  This motif truly is.  The thread on the back is a variegated…which I also love.

I’m off to bind another charity quilt.  I want to keep plugging away on them.  Thanks so much for the donation.

If you have questions about donating quilt top to be quilted feel free to check out this blog post where I answer some frequently asked questions.

Thanks so much for sending this quilt top my way.  It was a joy to be able to work on it!

Today we’re sharing our finished quilt at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

12 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Jo, I mailed two quilt tops and backings to you this week. I hope they will find a good place to warm someone’s heart. Thanks for your generous spirit in completing these quilt tops. Your quilting is amazing!

  2. I am sure that the person who sewed this beautiful top is grateful that you finished it and that it will go to a worthwhile cause.

  3. That is really such a handsome quilt; it and your quilting are perfect! I am new to your site; are you a long arm quilter? I would also be interested if you know what this pattern is? Thanks

  4. I really like the quilting. It looks like a pantograph, so I am wondering if there is a way I can learn how to do freemotion quilting like this on my longarm. Do you have any suggestions other than lots of practice?

    1. Get a couple good books and doodle on a white board. It really helps. You need to work on it enough to get muscle memory. Also I highly suggest watching youtube videos.

  5. Ohhh, I love this quilt! The colors are just so pretty. Someone is going to be very lucky to get it. Great job quilting it too!

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