Charity Quilt Finish

I have a charity quilt to share…this one is from Charlotte, she writes:
Sorry Jo for the delay in sending this picture.  

The quilt came from Marjone of Fountain City, WI.

Loved the action in this quilt.

Bound by Charlotte in Tecumseh, MO

Donated it to the VA clinic in West Plains, MO.

We have so many needy veterans in the Ozarks.

Thank you for letting me bind it and would love to do more.


Here’s the backing….just a simple solid colored sheet.  You can see the quilting I did on it too.  That’s my standard- I do all the time- quilting motif.

Great job ladies.  You do fine work!!

I’m about out of charity quilt tops. If you’ve sent one to me and you haven’t seen it featured here on the blog, it might be out and someone is working on the binding. I also had a couple people who had quilts that they bound and they sent notes that the quilts were donated but they didn’t take a picture of it before it was donated. I also tried my best to talk to one lady over email and explain how to attach a photo to an email. That didn’t work either. So a few quilts, I won’t be able to feature. I’m sorry about that.

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  1. I’ve started a new charity project for local students. Beginning with the graduating class of 2019, if a foster student graduates from high school they will receive a quilt that is approximately 60” x 80”. I felt strongly that I wanted this group of students in particular to know that their greater community, not just their school community, is cheering them on. Thankfully and gratefully, my local guild has agreed to let me run the program through them. Keep up the great work!

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