Charity Quilt Finish

You know the saying- It takes a village….?  Well that is exactly what this quilt needed..a village to make it happen.

This quilt started with Patricia in Spokane…went to me…went to Brenna for quilting….went to her quilt guild for binding and will now be off to a patient at SNICU (Surgical and Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit) at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Brenna had messaged me asked if I had any charity quilt tops she could practice on when she got a long arm.  It was the perfect request.  At the time I DEEP in charity quilts, low on time and my shoulder was being a bother.  It was a win for me and a win for Brenna.

I’ll let you go over to Brenna’s blog and read all about the details of the quilt.  Link HERE.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this quilt happen.  How wonderful that it will be a comfort to someone as they leave this world and a comfort to the family after they go.

A big shout out and thanks to all who made this happen.

If you’re interested in seeing more charity quilts, go over to our daughter Kayla’s blog.  She is a family consumer science teacher and had her kiddos make scrap vortex quilts.  The pieces are bigger than many of us would use but what a wonderful way to introduce sewing to the kids.  She’s an awesome teacher.  Here’s the LINK.

P.S.  I have a charity quilt here that needs binding.  I’ve tried all of the people on my binding list but either I had sent quilts to them of their email rejected my email….alas.  The quit it here if anyone wants to bind it.  It is a lap sized and no hurry to get to it done super fast.  Here’s my email address.  Drop me a note if you’re interested.  We do ask that you take pictures of the finished quilt, send them to me, and then donate the quilt to a worthy cause in your area.  Thanks for considering this.

2 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Jo – if you ever have any charity quilts that are suitable for kids, I’d be willing to bind them. I collect quilts for the Sumner area Royal Family Kids Camp each year. No shipping would be involved – I could pick up the quilt from you. Thanks!

  2. I would bind it and donate it, and pay half the shipping cost, if that works for you. I live in E. TN. I donate to lots of things all the time.

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