Charity Quilt Finish: QOV

I recently got a note from Nancy.  She writes:
Jo-Thanks to your charity list, I received a box of fabric and a UFO from LuAnn Wallenius from Ironwood, MI. (A copy of this email was sent to LuAnn. She may be able to provide more details) The UFO in the box contained extra yardage which I used to add borders to meet the Quilt of Valor size requirements. The top is now at a volunteer longarmer and will soon be on its way to the QOV coordinator in Idaho or Montana to be presented to a veteran.”

YAHOO!!  I’m so happy.

Nancy also sent a link to her blog where she tells more about the quilt.  I think it turned out wonderfully and will make a perfect Quilt of Valor.

You can read more about the quilt by heading over to Nancy’s blog.  Here is the link.

A huge shout out and thank you to all who made this happen.  I image that the lady who started this all those years ago would be so pleased and honored to know her work was the start of a beautiful gift for a veteran.

If you haven’t taken time or looked at the charity supply registry we have here on the blog, take a look.  You might be able to help someone help another by donating your unwanted quilting items.  Find the link for that here.  You can find that link anytime by looking at the top of the page where the tabs are.  Simply click on the one that says “Quilting Donations”.  If you have an organization that can benefit from donated items you will also find a link to get registered there.

Thanks to the many who are generous with their supplies, time and talents.

3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish: QOV”

  1. What a beautiful quilt!!! How thoughtful of Nancy to take the time to find out the original piecer’s name to add to the quilt label!!!

  2. I really like the additions to the original set of blocks. That white really sets off the stars in the center. Good job everyone!

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