Charity Quilt Finish

Yahoo…another charity quilt is finished.  This one was bound by my friend Mary Jo in Lacrosse.

Mary Jo writes:  “Quilt Number 1 was from Diane Vaclavick of Sweeny, Texas.  This is a small (42 x 48) quilt that would make a great baby boy quilt (or a table topper).”

CharityQuilt1 (003)

I remember quilting this one.  I was hurrying to get it done so I could drop it off when I went to Lacrosse for doctor appointments.

Here’s a picture showing off the backing and a closer view of the machine quilting….

The backing was a thrift store find for 50 cents.  Boy that makes me happy to be find the fabric at those prices but makes me even happier when I actually use it!!

Mary Jo actually did two quilts.

Here’s the second quilt.


I really like this one too.  The colors are so nice and blend really well.  I am always so amazed when I see quilts like these.  They are simple but still very pretty.  Maryanne C from Perkasie, Pennsylvania made and donated this top.

The backing on this one is another thrift store find.  This was a bigger piece so I think I paid $2 for it.

CharityQuilt2b (003)

This is a lap quilt size.

Mary Jo writes:  “The pictures where I laid it flat on the carpet don’t show the true colors of the quilt.  I took a picture of the quilt draped over a chair in my music/reading room to show you the back of the quit and the quilting by Jo.    As you can see, it would fit in that room beautifully.  The walls  of the room are painted Key West coral, so of course I refer to the room as the “Jimmy Buffet room”.”  So cute Mary Jo!!

Mary Jo is sending these off to our local Habitat for Humanity to go in either a recently completed house, or the next one that is completed.

Wow…that sounds like a great place for these quilts to go.  I’m always amazed with all the great charities that these quilts find their way to.  Thanks ladies for all the great work.



3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    What a beautiful little baby quilt, Diane V. I love the soft blue print with the stars. This quilt makes me want to wrap a little tyke up and snuggle.

    I love the cheerful colors that Maryanne C. used in her wonderful quilt. It reminds me of the beach and happy times.

    Mary Jo and Jo, you two did such a great job of binding and quilting and delivering these quilts. I am so glad they are going to Habitat for Humanity. I can just imagine two little folks will find these two quilts a wonderful part of their new homes.

    Good work, all four of you ladies! Makes my heart glad to see so much quilting going on.

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