Charity Quilt Finish

Another charity quilt is on it’s way to it’s intended recipient.  It is a wonderful feeling for me when I get an email saying another quilt is done and headed to it’s new home.

This one was pieced by Cheryl Harts and bound by Karin.

This is a quick and easy design.  It sure would be great for show casing a few favorite fabrics….or if you have a layer cake waiting for inspiration, this design could easily work.


Here’s a closer picture….harts-2

The backing was a thrift store find.  I try really hard to find things that work with the front. They aren’t always perfect but they work…


The purple binding was perfect for this.  My daughter Kalissa has a theory.  She says when picking binding, look for the darkest color on the front of the quilt and match it.  Most of the time, I find that to be sound advice.


This one is 80 x 92.  This is a great size for gifting.

Karin writes, ” It’s been designated to go to the Gatlinburg Tennessee wildfire victims and will go out in tomorrow’s mail.  It’s still cool there in the mountains, so I know it will be appreciated! ”

I am sure it will be.  I do think quilts are appreciated anytime of year.  Sure quilts provide warmth but I think they also provide a coziness feel to a home too…I imagine for a family it’s a great ease on parents knowing that a quilt is one less thing they have to come up with money for.  Quilts also make a bed very inviting and homey.  Few things in life beat a inviting bed.

Thanks for all the help ladies.  This one is a so pretty.

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Is there a group or organization taking quilts for TN fire victims? I have some tops that have no intended home, I could get some done and sent next month.

  2. Cheryl in Dallas

    Cheryl Harts did a wonderful job on this quilt! I love the pattern, especially the stars in the sashing. Karin, what a nice job on that binding — and how great that you have sent the quilt to the Gatlinburg fire victims.

    Jo, I like Kalissa’s advice about using the darkest color in the quilt for the binding color. Thanks for passing it along.

    The readers of this blog make the best charity quilts ever.

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