Charity Quilt Finish

I got a note in my email from Karin.  She’s one of my volunteer binders.  She does a great job and is super quick.

You might remember this quilt being on the quilt frame not all that long ago.


I had mentioned how fun the quilt was as the entire thing has candy and sweets related fabrics.  How fun!  Here’s a close up of it.

Here’s what Karin writes, “Hey Jo,  This cute child’s quilt is going to the Williston (FL) United Methodist Children’s Ministry…they give a quilt to each child that comes into the local orphanage (I didn’t even know they still had such things!) and the child gets to keep the quilt even when they get adopted out.  Such a blessing to be able to brighten a child’s life!”

That sounds like a perfect place for this quilt to go to.

This quilt was pieced by Christine Y.

Yahoo…it’s great to have another quilt out and on it’s way doing good in the world.

Bless the hands of all who have touched it and may that blessing go on to the gal that receives it.  Thanks to you all for making this happen!!

2 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Hi cuz Jo. Love seeing your postings of charity quilts as I quilt for Project Linus. Get lots of ideas, When one gets fabrics from friends and family that is a little bit of this and some of that, it sometimes takes some thought of what to do and not over think it. Now I know what to do with my kitty and puppy prints! greeting to you and your family.

  2. Such a cute selection of fabrics, nice job ladies. I know the young person that gets this quilt is going to love it.

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