Charity Quilt Finish- 25 Years in the Making!!

A Charity Quilt 25 Years in the Making!

. . . and well worth the wait.

This quilt top was sent to me by Jackie Trembley of Fort Edward, New York.  I am embarrassed to say that Jackie sent the top to me in 2013.  It got lost in my topsy turvy quilting room and didn’t come to light again until I unpacked after we moved in the new house last year.  Jackie, I am so sorry!

This quilt comes with a history, and I’m excited to share it with you as well as the finished product.

Jackie sent a history of this quilt top: “These blocks were won by me in a drawing at the quilt guild I belonged to at the time, the Hudson River Piecemakers from Corinth, NY.  I believe I paid $1 for a ‘kit’ with the fabrics and instructions to make one block.  The next month, I was entered to win all of the the blocks that were turned in and my name was drawn!  That was either in late 1991 or early 1992.  I set the blocks on point and added setting triangles and a border.  I never got around to quilting it and it’s been sitting in a plastic tub in my sewing room for over 20 years and at 3 different houses!”

Jackie’s quilt top is approximately 63″ x 80.”


Look at these blocks, each one made by a different quilter.


The back shows the ladies used different approaches to their appliqué.  Some cut away the background fabric, some used matching thread for the three different colors of the appliqué.


Some of the appliqués were sewn with three stitches to the inch, while other blocks had 16 stitches to the inch.


This block took a while to make.  Tiny stitches by a very steady hand.


This quilter placed the petals next to the flower stem, while other ladies overlapped the petals onto the stem.


I sent this top to Cheryl in Dallas for finishing.  The top was not quite big enough for a twin size quilt, so Cheryl added borders to increase the size to 78″ x 90.”  A variety of scraps in green, blue, and tans pulled from the colors in the original top.


The digital quilt pattern is called Zoidberg Feathers, designed by Barbara Becker.  It is available at


The binding is first sewn to the top of the quilt. Cheryl uses a flat fell foot to attach the binding.


The back of the quilt is sewn down next.


It turned out pretty good!  The flat fell foot ensures the stitching on the FRONT of the quilt is at a uniform distance from the edge even though it is sewn from the back side.


The final reveal:  25 years in the making.  What a beauty!


What would the Hudson River Piecemakers think to see their blocks set in this finished quilt?


Doesn’t the blue fabric for the quilt backing match the borders perfectly?


After the quilt is trimmed, Cheryl’s Boston Terrier, Libe, plays with the batting and backing.  Libe plans to make a quilt with these pieces but must wait until she is allowed to use safety scissors.


After the photography session, the next stop is the washing machine where the quilt will become soft and crinkly.


This quilt will go to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  I smile to think that it will be a gift to some young person who wasn’t even born when Jackie and her friends started these blocks in 1991 or 1992.

This is truly a many hands coming together to do good work quilt.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this quilt donation happen!

13 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish- 25 Years in the Making!!”

  1. Beautiful quilt and I love the history of it. The young woman at house of hope will feel someone cares when she sees this beautiful handpiece quilt.

  2. Excellent job to all involved. I really like the quilting pattern.
    Cheryl does a great job with matching the pattern to the quilt.

  3. I really love seeing so many different visions coming together in one beautiful quilt like this. And that border just transformed the quilt. Well done, everyone.

  4. Such a lovely quilt. Such an honor for all that have touched this in the makings and will be treasured by the young person receiving this wonderful quilt.

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