Charity Quilt Finish

Today’s Charity Quilt Finish is a collaborative effort.  This quilt top was made by Pat Templin.  She sent the quilt top directly to volunteer quilter Cheryl in Dallas.  Pat created such a beautiful quilt entirely of half square triangles in a variety of pale floral prints.  Look at what Pat made.


Pat lives in Spokane, but here you see her quilt top is loaded on a longarm machine in Dallas.  That’s a collaborative effort for sure.  The quilt is loaded and the computer is ready to go.  Did Pat keep count of all those half square triangles?  There must be a gazillion of them.  So many seams to match!

As each row is quilted, it is advanced on the “take up roller.”


Half square triangles:  a simple unit, but look at all of the variations of patterns are created.



Another pattern created from the half square triangles.


Step back and here’s another pattern.  Looks like a fancy star to me.  But then, I love stars and see them everywhere.



The computer is speeding long at 10 stitches per inch.



This digital pattern is called “Star Flower.”  It is by Patricia Ritter and Tracey Russell.  Isn’t it pretty?

The last row is finally here.  Almost finished.


Cheryl in Dallas doesn’t do any hand binding.  No binding snobs here:  with arthritis in the hands, machine binding is the only way to go.  This flat fell foot helps keep the seam at a uniform distance from the raw edge.


After the binding is sewn to the front, it is folded over to the back.  Pinning the corners in advance makes sewing the corners a snap.



Nice 90 degree angle on each corner.



The last seam is sewn with the backing side up.  Pat sent the binding along with her quilt top.  That is so helpful, but not necessary for folks who make charity quilts.


Half Square Triangle Heaven is on display under a cloudless Dallas day.  Notice the three borders.


Pat made a pieced border to separate the two blue borders.  What creativity!  Love those florals.


The backing came from a thrift shop, but it wasn’t wide enough for the quilt, so . . .



. . . a solid white and a pink print made it just the right size.



The pink print came from Cheryl’s stash.  It is just right for this floral-themed quilt.



After the photo shoot, Pat’s quilt will get a label and then a turn in the washing machine.  It will be soft and crinkly when it goes to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  Some gal is going to love these florals.


Thanks for the work and the beautiful result, Pat and Cheryl in Dallas.  We love to see the efforts of your quilting.  The House of Hope gals will feel the love.


18 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. What a beauty. Thanks to all of you ladies for donating your time, money and talents to bringing something special to those in need.

  2. Wonderful collaborative effort for a beautiful quilt! Sometimes I think the charity quilts that you share pics of could better serve your chosen charity as a fund raiser/raffle quilt and this is one! I think it would appeal to so many & fit many dif decorating styles!

  3. The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Pat’s piecing is perfect…love the pattern.
    And Cheryl’s quilting and finishing just makes the top come alive.
    I have arthritis in my right hand and it is getting harder and harder for me
    to do the binding. I am going to buy the foot and give it a try. Thank you
    for showing how Cheryl puts the binding on. The gals at The House of Hope will
    definitely feel the love.

  4. It is gorgeous with all those different fabrics. The owner of this quilt will feel the love given from its makers.

  5. Ladies, it is a thing of beauty. Pat had so many beautiful floral fabrics. It makes me want to see the rest of her fabric stash. Cheryl – an excellent pattern that you picked for this quilt.

  6. Patricia templin

    Thank you Jo for the photos and kind comments. I was overjoyed seeing my quilt top on your blog this morning. Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to stay connected and to share our love of quilting.

  7. Pat is a wonderful friend of mine. I can attest that ALL her quilts are as beautiful as this one. Thank you, Jo, for putting quilters together to help those who are hurting.

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