Charity Quilt Finish

We are on a roll with charity quilt finishes.  We some last week and again this week.

This baby quilt was pieced by Ruth P.  I love the colors.  The binder was Karin in Florida.


The backing on this one was an attempt on my part to use up fabric from left overs from previous backings.  I have backing from previous quilts that were exactly the same.  I saved left over from both of them and was able to to make this small backing.  It was perfect.


Here’s the next quilt that Karin bound.  The piecer was Dee in Ohio.


I love the colors in this one.


It’s a controlled scrappy beauty.


The backing fabric was donated by a blog reader.  I love when that happens.  Four people came together to get this quilt finished.  Dee, me, Karin and the person who donated the backing.  I’m so sorry I don’t remember who it was….but how fun is that.  What’s more fun is that none of us could recognize each other on the street…well they might be able to recognize me!


Karin writes, “And I hope you got my message of sincere thanks, but, if not, please know that I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.  These quilts are going to Dolly Parton’s MyPeople foundation, to benefit the victims of the Gatlinburg wildfires of last Fall…Thanks again for your generosity!!  I don’t want to be greedy, but I’ll take anything you have time to send; I love to stitch bindings as I watch TV, but I don’t have the skills to do the quilting.  I piece small tops, but it takes me FOREVER to get them quilted on my single needle!!”

I definitely be sending more quilts your way Karin!!

Thanks to the many hands that made these quilts happen.  It’s an honor to work with you ladies!


5 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Hi Jo:

    So happy to donate a top. I enjoy your blog and how open your heart is to charities and people. The time you spend with neighbor girl will make great memories for her

  2. I love to look at the fabric in the charity quilts to see if I can recognize anything that I might have in my stash. I love the checked border on the 2nd quilt. I’m going to try to remember that idea when I make my next Christmas color quilt – a border of red and white and green would look great. Good work everybody!

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