Charity Quilt Finish

Here’s a charity quilt that got finished….

A bit ago I had a charity quilt on the blog from blog reader and volunteer binder, Karin in Florida.  Well today I have another one that was finished by Karin.

This one, like the previous one, was sent to me by Phyllis in PA.  It came in the HUGE box of stuff that Phyllis got from another quilter.  When this one came I debated about adding another border to the outside to make it a little bigger but after measuring it, I realized that it was a bigger lap-sized quilt already.


The binding fabric for this quilt came from a blog reader.  It was a feathered print that had all the colors of the quilt in it.  I didn’t know where I’d ever use it but saved the fabric knowing that someday I’d find a place for it…well now it appears I did.

Here’s a closer look at the medallion.
…and a closer look at my quilting.


I told you a bit ago in an effort to get the charity quilts done in a more timely manner I typically use this motif on them all.  I used to stress over what design I was going to do…then put off starting the quilt….then stress and didn’t start the quilt.  It was a bad cycle I had myself in.  Now that I decided these are all charity quilts and this motif works on most everything, I’m just going with it.  I’m not fretting anymore.  It’s made things so much easier.

I’ve had LOTS and LOTS of offers for sending charity quilts.  I will be at them for awhile.  I hope everyone is patient with me as I work on them….

Thanks so much to Phyllis and to Karin…and to the reader who donated the binding…and to those who have sent money to help cover postage.  I can’t thank you all enough.


7 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Just in case you wanted to know, that looks like a Thimbleberries group of fabrics, perhaps even a pattern from one of Lynette jensen’s single patterns or books. But needless, it is beautiful. i understand your stressing over the designs. . These are not show quilts, just donations. and the recipient will love it no matter what design you choose.

  2. More power to you for taking your time to do all of these donation quilts, and also to the people who donate, to those who bind! AND to the quilters who help out with the larger quilts. Love to see what is done and I really like this one.

  3. Karin Callander

    Always a pleasure and glad to help. I’m pretty good at piecing, but can’t add the quilt8by worth a darn, so I’m tickled to be able to finish them off and send them to a good home. Thanks for making it all possible Jo! Looking forward to doing some more!

  4. That is a beautiful quilt! I’m sure which ever design you choose it will look fantastic! Someone will be receiving a very nice quilt!

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