Charity Quilt Finish

Mary Jo sent me a note a bit ago that included pictures.  I knew that meant that she had likely finished up one of the quilt tops that I sent her….I was right, she had.

This was one of the MANY quilt tops that was sent to me by Marion.  She had the best bunch to quilt tops…if I remember, there were 10 in the box.  All were smaller like this one and all had the most wonderful colors.  They were a joy to work on.

Marion had joked that she only makes quilts this big because she gets board and wants a new project.  What a great way to not create UFOs!  Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing all along….making too big of quilts!!??

Anyway, check out this beauty….

CharityQuilt_1 (002)

Here’s a closer picture….CharityQuilt_2 (002)

This fabric for the backing came from a blog reader.  I had looked for something a little softer but didn’t find anything….although not perfect, it worked as the front had so many floral patterns in it that contained hints of green.  The binding fabric was also from a blog reader donation.  I love when the donations come together to make a quilt.

CharityQuilt_3 (002)

Mary Jo, the volunteer binder who completed this quilt said, “This quilt is going to the YWCA in La Crosse.  On November 24th, they published an article in the La Crosse Tribune looking for donations for different families.  Here is the story that caught my eye.  “Mother and young daughter who fled domestic violence are seeking a fresh start and hoping for a warm holiday season. They are in need of many basics including essentials such as bath and laundry products, pillows and blankets, an area rug or small room rugs, and tools. They love the beach and would welcome items that could make their home more warm and cozy.”  Since the daughter is 5, and the quilt is a small throw size and has many tropical prints, I thought it would be a good fit for the daughter.”

I totally agree.  This is a great spot for this quilt go.  It will easily brighten a room, brighten a day and bring some warmth.

Thanks for you work Marion and Mary Jo in warming the heart of this little girl.  May the violence she fled be the last violence she ever see in her life….oh I pray that could be so.



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  1. Love this and those that continue to give from the heart, keep the stories coming. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt, and with lots of pinks and florals it just looks Happy. I hope it will bring some joy to this family in need. May they enjoy it and receive warmth and comfort from it for many years to come.

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