Charity Quilt Finish

I got pictures in from another of my quilt binders with a finished quilt.  This one came from Mary Jo in Lacrosse.  Mary Jo is a wonderful gal that helped get the whole volunteer binder program going.  I can’t thank her enough for being one of the first to volunteer.  I so need and appreciate the help.

The quilt top came in from Rose Herring.  Rose writes, “I was born and raised in Waterloo and even though I have lived in the Twin Cities many years now, Iowa will always be home to me.  It is a special place with special people.”  Aw….I think so too.  I love Iowa even though I was originally a Minnesota girl.

The quilt was awesome…one of the best guy quilts I’ve seen….


The background fabric is scenic and outdoorsy.


I never thought to use a fabric like this with this type of design.  I really like it!  Don’t you?

Rose pieced the back together and it worked perfectly.


Here’s a close up of the stitching….


Mary Jo writes, “This is a great guy quilt.  The fabric has a number of cabin and water scenes.  It is just put together beautifully.  It is also quilt appropriate for a Wisconsin man, as much of the quilt has green and gold — Green Bay Packer colors  :>)”…so true Mary.  This quilt is headed to New Horizons Shelter (for victims of domestic violence and their children) in the Lacrosse, Wisconsin area.

Thanks ladies…I love the quilt.  Your work will really benefit someone in need.

3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. I am hoping that Rose sees this and can tell us how or where to get the pattern. It looks like it (the pattern) could be used for any fabric with scenes.

  2. Rose, Great work on that outdoorsy scene quilt, and how nice you put together the backing, too. I like how the half square triangles echo the huge green diamonds in the center. That is a perfect quilt pattern to show off the various nature scenes.

    Mary Jo, Thanks for handling the binding. Hundreds of tiny stitches!

    Jo, You did such a nice job on the quilting. Those spirals look uniform. For the life of me, I do not know how people can be so artistic . . .

    You three women have made a lovely quilt that will keep someone warm in the Lacrosse area. And it will be a constant reminder to the recipient that there is a whole community ready to help. Working together to help each other is the model of “Love one another.” Thanks Rose, Mary Jo, and Jo for your gift of love.

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