Charity Quilt Finish

This charity quilt finish comes to you from Laura and Cheryl.  Laura White in Richmond, Virginia, sent this top to me.  While I was preparing for foot surgery and subsequent recovery, I knew I could not work on it soon.  I forwarded the top to Cheryl in Dallas to do the quilting and binding.  Look at what these two gals accomplished.


Laura’s top is a riot!  A riot of colors and units.  It is, however, a controlled riot.  The colors are yellow, orange, black, white and teal.  Mauve makes a guest appearance, too.   Do you recognize the pattern?  If you need more clues, keep looking.

You would think that an orange and black color scheme would include a lot of Halloween fabrics, and those are in the quilt. . .



and more . . .



but there are tons of other black and oranges . . .

. . . even Dr. Seuss characters . . .


These 12″ blocks are repeated throughout the top.  Each block has a center 4-patch and is surrounded by numerous chevrons, half-square triangles, and 2″ squares.


So did you guess the quilt pattern??  Keep reading to see if you’re right.

The yellow backing wasn’t quite wide enough for this quilt.  Cheryl added a teal-orange-teal stripe to the backing.  Lots of pins!  But don’t worry, Cheryl has already confessed that she is anal about those pins, and it’s the only way she can sew long strips of fabrics together.


Piecing the teal-orange-teal insert for the backing.  And sewing over those many, many pins.



The backing is attached to the longarm first.  The next steps are to layer the batting (stacked in the corner) and top.



Picking out the digital pattern is the fun-est part of a quilting project.  This one is called “Bossa Nova,” by Natalie Gorman.  It is available at



With the three layers in place, the longarm machine starts to work.



This quilting pattern was only 8 inches high, so the machine required many passes to cover the entire project.



While the longarm machine stitched, Cheryl found yet more orange-y fabric for the 2″ binding.  The binding project and the quilting were finished about the same time.



And viola! as beautiful as anticipated.  Do you recognize the pattern now?   Let me know in the Comment Section below if you can identify this pattern — and if you have made this quilt.


Knowing how long this one takes to piece, I’m amazed that Laura donated it.  What a generous gift!



The quilt is 90″ x 90″.  The backing is such a nice complement to the colors on the front.



The photo below shows how the narrow yellow inner border makes a nice separation from the final multi-colored border.  That’s a lot of attention to detail, Laura!



The orange-y binding adds to Laura’s original color riot in this beautiful scrappy quilt.



Littlest Quilter Libe pops her head up from the pile of batting and backing scraps, which is her favorite toy.

This quilt is going to the ladies at the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  Thank you, Laura and Cheryl, for your collaboration in such a wonderful quilt.






32 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Betty (from Canada)

    Love the quilt. Lots of sewing. I read the comment you made about why you don’t design many quilts or write many books.That is ok because just think if you were in the middle of writing a book or designing a pattern for publication when all your foot and thyroid problems happened. You would have been in a real pickle.

  2. The quilt pattern is Grand Illusion, a BH mystery pattern. I really like the colors Laura used. Several of my friends made this quilt and gave it away. Mine is in process with several design changes.

    I love your blog. Seeing the progress on the quilts or the finished quilts, whether you/Kelli made it or designed it or not, is inspiring. I hope you quilt and blog for many years to come! Thank you.

  3. I recognized the pattern as a Bonnie pattern, then a mystery, then where it was from, but got the name from Lisa B.’s comment. Beautiful job, Laura!

  4. Grand Illusion, what a gift, mine is still in the to-be-quilted pile. I think it needs to be moved up and finished after seeing this beauty.

  5. Beautiful finish and what generosity to give this one away. I’m still working on mine. It’s sitting on my ironing board waiting for me to measure it so I can put the first border on. Been there for a couple of weeks as we’re in the middle of a remodel and I’ve been distracted.

  6. I finished my Gran Illusion the same year Bonnie Hunter did it. I haven’t done so well with my Allitare! Perhaps before the new mystery starts!

    Beautiful job ladies!

  7. Oh, yes! I made this pattern, Grand Illusion, and used the Bonnie colors. I finished the top long ago, but have not quilted it yet. I have to say it is my least favorite Bonnie quilt I’ve ever made. Sorry, but it is too busy. But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Celtic Solstice (my favorite) and Allietaire.

  8. The quilt is beautiful! It’s the Grand Illusion mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter. I printed off the clues, but have not made it yet. I can totally understand that you want to keep your quilting a hobby, not your work. I feel the same way.

  9. Yes, I have made Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion quilt ~ It is on my bed right now!!! My granddaughter loves the pinks and teals! I am hoping to have time to work on Allietare more that its current leader-ender project. It is almost time for her new mystery!

  10. Grand Illusions! I did mine in my favorite civil war fabrics. I always watch what fabrics you choose and usually pick out the same or similar.

  11. I sure do recognize Grand Illusion! I made that quilt also and my sister loved it so it went to her. Beautiful job ladies!

  12. Mine is also in the to be quilted pile, top just finished a couple of weeks ago in the UFO Challenge. Maybe I can find stash backing and binding this weekend. . .MONDAY is a holiday!

  13. It is a beautiful Grand Illusion! GI was my first Bonnie mystery and mine is finished, quilted, bound and labeled. I finished my Allietare this year. So fun.

  14. The pattern is called Grand Illusion and was a mystery pattern by Bonnie Hunter. I haven’t made this myself but it’s the first mystery I was aware of that Bonnie generously designs for her followers each year.

  15. My Grand Illusion is in block, but I’ll get it done one of these days. I can’t believe anyone would put so much work into a charity quilt. Wow!!

  16. Jo, I’m happy to see this quilt top done! Last summer I took an inventory and found that I had over 20 quilt tops waiting to be quilted. Since I do all my quilting by checkbook, I can only afford to quilt my favorites. In July I decided to cull the herd by sending 5 tops to charity. A lot of the scraps in Grand Illusion were given to me by a friend, so it seemed a good choice. It was also very bright, which I liked, but my husband did not. I’m so glad it will be given to someone in need. Thanks to Cheryl for taking time to finish it!

  17. Kristy Wilkinson

    My Grand Illusion is waiting for Cheryl to quilt. It will be interesting to see what pattern, backing and binding she chooses. Love the orange colorway. K-

  18. I didn’t know the quilt name, but I do KNOW Laura! She’s a great friend of mine. I pass along my fabric scraps and she turns them into the most amazing quilts with details galore! You all should see her other quilts….she is soon to help me with some quilts for a new Shelter in Richmond.
    Happy New Year to Laura’s friends.

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