Charity Quilt Finish

I know I sent a lot of charity quilts out to volunteer binders but I did keep a few here.  Our daughter Kayla had been so helpful and had sewed bindings down on three.  All I had to do was flip the binding over and sew them down so that’s exactly what I did.

This charity top was sewn by Pat T in Spokane, WA.  Pat sent two quilts that were very similar so if you think you might have seen this quilt before, that’s why.


Ruby was a pretty sleepy model.  As I took pictures and am writing this on a dreary rainy day.  She was enjoying an afternoon nap when she heard the quilt snap and jumped into duty…even though reluctant.

Both of these quilts that Pat made were a joy to work with.  They laid nice and flat and were expertly pieced.  They also were huge so I could load one backing and quilt both of them at the same time.  That’s always a good thing.


This one was sent out in a box headed for Quilts of Compassion.  May it warm and comfort a family in need.  Thanks so much Pat for being a link in the chain to help others.

If you have questions about our charity quilting project we have a page that addresses most of the frequently asked questions.  You can find that here.

8 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Finish”

  1. Lovely quilt! You do a wonderful thing with these charity quilts! Our local guild donates several hundred a year to needy people. It feels good to be part of that but it is a shame that in as wealthy a country as our there is so much need. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Cheryl in Dallas

    Beautiful quilt! Thanks for the close-up photo. I love how the inner border looks like a picture frame. Beautiful quilting, too.

    Pat T., Kayla, Jo, and Ruby the Dog: a great team.

  3. Karen Nicholson

    The quilt is beautiful. Do you happen to know the name of the pattern? It would be great for all the scraps I’ve collected:)

  4. It looks like it is a crazy quilt using the stack and slice method. If you look at the last picture you can see the center has the long slice, then sub cut on each side. You could probably make your own using a layer cake. If you have smaller pieces you could paper piece too. Pinterest has many templates or you can make your own.

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