Charity Quilt: Almost Finish

When we had our family picnic my niece Jody pulled me aside and asked if I would quilt a quilt top for her.  I was hesitant.  My shoulder’s been acting up again and I’ve tried to avoid the quilting machine a bit.  But I ended up saying yes with the hope that my shoulder would power through.

Then Jody told me the story about the quilt.  The quilt top made from a kit that one of my blog readers gifted to me.  At the time Jody was going through chemo and was bummed that her quilting supplies were running out.  I knew that if I passed the kits on to Jody she’d have something to sew and would do good things with them.  I didn’t feel one bit bad about gifting them to her.

Well I was right…she did do good things.  She completed a quilt top and it is going on to a benefit to help a friend of Jody’s.  She’s a young mom with a rare type of cancer.  She has to fly to Texas every 6-8 weeks and on each trip she receives a $32,000 treatment that insurance doesn’t cover.  Uff-da.  Well Jody and others are putting together a benefit for the family and Jody has been working hard to complete a quilt to donate to the silent auction.

Jody got the quilt done but thought if I could quilt it for her, she might be able to get another project done for the silent auction…SO….I quilted it for her.  Tuesday morning I loaded it on the frame before childcare.  But then was so busy morning and night after childcare that I didn’t get to it.  I was starting to think I shouldn’t have committed to it, then Friday night a little time opened up and I told Hubby I was going to work on it until my shoulder wouldn’t let me…and that’s what I did.  I stopped and did my stretches a couple different times but I made it through.


This is how it looked off the machine.  I sent it back to Jody on Monday with the hope that she’d be able to get it bound in time for the benefit.


Wow it’s pretty, wouldn’t you say?  The fabric is perfectly printed so the whole quilt looks much harder than it is.  Jody did a great job with it including tackling those mitered corners that bring the florals together.  I was really impressed.

Thanks so much to Jody and the gal that donated all the great project kits.  This one is going to a good cause.  May it bless the person that gets the winning bid and may the money raised from the quilt be enough to help bring the family some much needed relief.

7 thoughts on “Charity Quilt: Almost Finish”

  1. What a wonderful story! What a a wonderful quilt! Iwas thinking this could be called “The Gifted Quilt”. That is really a beautiful quilt! I spent several minutes trying to figure out how those blocks were pieced. It looks so intricate but it can be broken down into more straightforward units but the overall effect is spectacular! I hope it raises lots of money!

  2. It is a beautiful quilt and I hope it raises lots of $ at the auction for the young mom and her treatment. I think the 5 large blocks are a pattern called Wink and a Smile, something I did many years ago. Great job Jody, hope you are doing well also.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. Do you know if they are raffling off the quilt or placing bids? I would love to buy raffle tickets if that is the way they are going.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt and the good cause makes it even prettier. God bless you for being able to quilt it for her to be used for such a good cause. Makes my foot issues pale in comparison. Hope it raises lots of money for the family.

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