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I live such a good life…my email box is a happy place…so is my mailbox.  I love it.  What a blessing to have more good in the boxes than bad.

I recently got a note from Lori L.  signed her note “Day care grandma and farm wife, Lori”…she sounds like a kindred spirit already.  Anyway, Lori is one of our volunteer binders.  A bit ago I had sent her a quilt to be bound…and bind it she did!


This quilt originally was made by Brenna in Wellman, Iowa.

What an quick and easy pattern but great looking too.  I was a little bit nervous about quilting it.  I did a square design in the white area.  I did straight line quilting in the colored section.

The backing was donated by Forest Mills Quilt Shop.  The girls were cleaning out the shop one day.  They had fabric that was on the clearance rack but still didn’t sell so they passed it along to us.  It’s a big print floral that has all of the EXACT colors that were on the front of the quilt.  It’s like it was meant to be.

We found binding fabric to match.

This was a fun project to work on.  Thanks so much Brenna and Lori for helping this quilt come to be.  Lori has donated this quilt to Sharehouse in Fargo, ND.  Sharehouse provides chemical dependency services.  They prefer twin or single sized so quilts.  If anyone has a quilt top they’d like donated to Sharehouse just send it on to me, I’ll get it quilted and sent on to Lori to bind.  Remember…many hands make light work.


2 thoughts on “Charity Quilt”

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Oh my! Brenna pieced a lovely quilt. How calm and sleepy it makes me to look at it. Jo did a great job of quilting it — those small lines in the green center are impressive. Thanks to Lori for binding it. And the backing was donated you say by Forest Mills Quilt Shop? Of course it was because that is how the Quilting Community works. I wish we could write THESE stories of collaboration on each quilt so the recipients would know that lots of folks are sending them good thoughts.

    Here’s hoping someone at Sharehouse in Fargo, ND, will treasure that quilt as a symbol of love being passed around to finally land on him/her.

    Congratulations, all involved, for producing this beautiful quilt. May your tribe increase.

  2. It looks so lovely! Many, many thanks to Jo and Lori for finishing it up! It was a fun project to make, and I’m glad it’s going to a good cause!

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