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Another charity quilt done and shipped off to Quilts of Compassion.  It’s so good to see these go out the door and off to their intended purpose.  I feel so bad as some of these I’ve really had for quite awhile.

This one was LARGE.  Really large….and really fun.  This was an anything goes quilt….all colors and all fabrics.  The sashing strips were an awesome idea to bring the quilt all together and slow the busy-ness.


I used my “go to” quilting pattern.  I’ve decided that most everything will get this pattern.  It just always works and is so easy.  I think the swirl of the quilting design softens the points of the rectangles.  It’s a nice contrast.


I’ve linked to the design before but am linking again.  I love it and am so thankful that I found it.

I wanted to lay the quilt out big so you could really see it but there is nowhere to do that in the house and it’s raining as I write.  This is half of the quilt.

It will really be great for the family that receives it…many can snuggle under it.

Last week’s charity quilt that I finished was made by Sharon J in Hatfield, AR and this one is too. Sharon has done lots for the charity quilting cause here….THANKS Sharon!!

If you have questions about our charity quilting project we have a page that addresses most of the frequently asked questions.  You can find that here.

17 thoughts on “Charity Quilt”

  1. Hi Jo,
    I enjoy reading your blog and Facebook each day. However I don’t ‘get’ why all your quilts have to be photographed with your dog sitting on them. Is this an American thing or your personal preference. I would much rather see your quilts without these adornments.

  2. Do you launder the charity quilts before donating them? So many blog quilters have pets on the quilters in their pictures and I worry about people with allergies who would receive them.
    Also, how’s your foot?

  3. Great quilt. Love the scrappiness….and the pink binding. Is the sashing gray or some gray-ish shade of blue? It’s sometimes hard to tell on computer pictures.

  4. We did this as a retreat project. I do have the pattern but I am at work and it is at home. I will get it and email it to Jo if anyone is interested. I made the quilt and used up a lot of scraps in the process but just didn’t see that I would ever get it quilted and was thankful that Jo does these charity quilts and that it will find a good home!

  5. Whenever I lay out a quilt at home, my cat comes and lies down on it. I call it “kitty approved!” Once any quilt I make is done, I wash it, as long as the fabrics and any embellishments can take it. Most of my quilts are years in the making and by the time they’re done they can use a good cleaning. I would also be interested in finding the pattern for this quilt, but I don’t want to go against someone’s copyright.

  6. Thank you so much for the link to the quilting video! He is new to me. However, you sent me down a rabbit hole and I’ve spent the last two hours watching his YouTube videos

  7. Bonnie Lippincott

    I do love this quilt. I would love a link to the pattern either to purchase or free, if it is not copyrighted.

  8. I don’t have a link to the pattern. I only have the name. It is called “Stacked Bricks”. The leader of our retreat gave to us as our annual retreat project. There is no designer, blog, or other name on the pattern so I don’t know who designed it or where it came from. Sorry I wasn’t more help.

  9. I googled the name and if you go down about three, to the name Linda Halpin, it is her pattern. You can click on it and go to the directions.

  10. Cheryl in Dallas

    Thanks, Sharon, for this beautiful quilt!

    I checked out Linda Halpin’s website, but it did not include the directions for Stacked Bricks. According to the website, the pattern for Stacked Bricks is included in Linda’s first book called “Scrap Bonanza!: 2-for-1 Quilts”. This book is no longer in print, but you can find it at my favorite used book website:

    I just ordered a copy of the book for $3.49 (incudes postage). There are more copies available; and at that price, it’s a great buy.

    Happy scrap quilting!

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