Charity Quilt

Original post edited to include my thankful segment.

Somehow between the busy days around here I managed to get a charity quilt on the quilting frame.  Isn’t this one amazing?!  It was made by Jan Jacobson in Wisconsin.


I love scrappy quilt so this one immediately caught my eye.  I love the itty bitty pieces.


The colors are fun too.

I have never seen this treatment for a border and corner but I really like it.


I have shown the quilt to several visitors when they come.  I explain that blog readers often send me quilt tops and I quilt them.  Then the quilts go to worthy charities.  I hear time and time again, “Can I be your worthy charity?”  I always answer no.

Kelli did get asked by one of the local fire departments for a quilt to be raffled off.  We were thinking this one would be perfect.  The department is having a fund raiser to get improved equipment.  That sounded like a good cause to us.

I have so much quilting these charity tops.  I have a few more here I’d like to get to.  If only there were more time in a day!!  Thanks Jan!

Today I am thankful for my blog readers.  If I need advice, you are there to give it.  When we visit guilds or are out teaching, you become the best hostesses.  You donate charity quilt tops like the one featured here in this post.  Often I’ll have a bad day and a note comes to me that says something simple like, “I tried your soup recipe.  Our family loved it!”  It’s the hugest pick me up for me.  I appreciate you all…thanks for being part of my on line family.

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt”

  1. I love that quilt, especially the borders and corners! And you are so kind to quilt these donated quilts and give them to charity! I am so thankful for people like you who seem to have endless energy and do so many kind things for others!

  2. If this becomes a raffle quilt, please let us know where we can purchase raffle tickets. My hubby is raffling one of my quilts for his local Kiwanis club. I know how hard it is to get folks to buy tickets and I would like to support your fire department by buying a couple tickets. Thanks!

  3. Yes a beautiful quilt. Your thankful post is having an impact on me. I’m not actually writing down my thoughts but I’m thinking about what I’m thankful for. One of those things i’m thankful for is you and your blog. I look forward to hearing about your work with fabric, the house and your life in general.

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