Charity Quilt

A week or so ago, after I had finished a deadline quilt, I threw this charity quilt on the frame.  The quilt top was sent to me by Michele from Maryland.  The colors are wonderful.  I think it will make a perfect donation quilt.


I am sure this is going to be a quilt that brings much joy to someone in need.  I had hoped to finish up the quilt sooner but I had trouble finding binding fabric.  It has almost sat for three weeks waiting for binding fabric.

The colors in the quilt are a little “dusty”.  My fabrics just didn’t quite match.  I ended up calling Kelli as she had made several projects some time ago with similar fabrics.  She brought what she had but there was just enough fabric to make a quilt and I didn’t want to cut into it leaving her short of fabric.

There was enough backing fabric for a binding but it was cream and I just hate putting light bindings on quilts.  That part of the quilt often gets dirty more easily and the quilts don’t pop with a light binding.  I did have that option if nothing else was found.

I ended up dumping out my cupboard and finally came up with a brown that would work.  It turns out that I like it.

The quilting was done with a light pastel thread on top and a cream on the back.  I used the Baptist fan with a swirl in the inside.

You might remember that Michele also made this charity quilt that I finished earlier this month.  Thanks Michele for the donation.  It’s nice for me to have a couple quilts done and in reserve should a disaster strike or need arise.

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