Charity Quilt #4

I am on a roll.  I sure wish I could do this all the time because it is actually really fun….I certainly don’t wish disasters on anyone though.

This quilt was fun.  I am not used to working with lots of brights or batiks so this one was a treat.


After going to the Waucoma quilt show this weekend and checking out some of the quilting I saw on one of the quilts I decided to give this a try.


It was lots of fun and really easy.  It really gives some simple blocks some pizzazz.  It’s all in a variegated yellow thread that I am really happy with.


I hope it makes some kid happy.


Again..this quilt was made by Pam.  Thanks so much for all the quilts Pam.

Stop back tomorrow….I have one left to finish up to reach my goal of one charity quilt for five days in a row.

4 thoughts on “Charity Quilt #4”

  1. the blocks from this quilt were a part of the block exchange with the gals from the guild in Virginia Beach, and they LOVE batiks!
    This quilt also contains a historical bonus. On the red square at the top left of the quilt you will find the signature of Alex Anderson. She made a trip back East many years ago, and i had a ticket to go and see her quilt lecture in Richmond, VA. At the last minute i had major car problems and couldn’t make the show, so some of my quilting buddies from Virginia Beach got her to sign a red batik square for me.
    Alex does so many things for charity, that i thought it fitting that she should also be included in this effort to keep others warm and comforted.

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