Charity Quilt #2

Today at about noon time I had quilt #2 finished but it was raining.  I decided to wait a bit to see if the weather would clear so I could take a photo outside…no such luck.

So I laid the quilt across the couch and decided to just snap a couple pictures and then in comes Ruby.  She was totally preoccupied by a new toy Ila had given her.  She wouldn’t pay any attention to me.


Then I took the toy and put it on top of my head.  Then she perked up and paid attention to me.


The quilting isn’t fancy but it will do.


The quilt top came from Pan again…I have quilt #3 ready for binding!!

I do keep getting questions about how charity quilts work.  People send me their quilt tops and I machine quilts and finish them-then send them off to a charity or benefit.  Feel free if contact me if you want to send me quilt tops.   Here’s my email…

2 thoughts on “Charity Quilt #2”

  1. Thanks again, Jo, for your work. i love what you’ve done with the frienship star quilting, and the random stipple helps to pull everything together.
    this quilt was made as part of a local quilt guild block swap many years ago. i had put the top together, but had never gotten around to quilting it until Jo came to my rescue with her offer to quilt for charity! I’m so glad that this quilt can now go towards keeping a family warm and safe during the Winter.

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