Charity Finishes from Janet

I have to thank Janet…She is one of the first people who volunteered to bind charity quilts.  I so appreciated the suggestion and offer of help.

Janet is from West Des Moines, IA and got three quilts that were made by Lani B, Laura H and Sarah W.




Didn’t they all turn out wonderfully??

Janet writes:   “I’ve had these bound for awhile and hadn’t gotten the pictures taken. Thank you for allowing me to help out with them. I have chronic pain issues and binding is something I can do while sitting and watching television. These quilts will go to the domestic violence shelter in Des Moines. Often those families leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs, so I know they will be put to good use. Bless you for all you do for charities and quilters.”

One of the things that I have LOVED about working with everyone on these charity quilts is this…
So often the tops that are sent in the end help so many people along the way.  I know many of the charity binders have a project that they are supporting and doing the work makes them feel good.  I know Janet shared with me that being she has chronic pain, she loves to bind because it doesn’t bother her and makes her feel useful.  It seems that everyone who touches these quilts are blessed by them.  I hope the final recipient is blessed most of all.

As always, I am SO honored to be part of this project!

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