Charity Finish from Cindy and Ronda

I got an email from Ronda with a finished quilt!!  I can’t tell you all how impressed I am with you.  Ronda and others are reporting back that they are getting donations from all of you.  That is fabulous!!  If you have fabric, tops, or things you’re not longer interested in remember you can do a lot of good by passing them on.  Here is our listing of places that would be happy to get your goodies.


Ronda wrote:
I finished up with the hand sewing of the binding on this quilt this weekend.   This lovely scrappy and very nicely pieced quilt top was sent to me by Cindy E. of Mansfield, Ohio, along with extra wide fabric large enough for the entire back of this 80 X 97 inch top.  She also generously sent some money to help with batting and thread costs.  My 84 year old neighbor is an epic volunteer and is always heading up fundraisers for worthy causes, so I will donate this quilt for her next big fundraiser.  Thanks so much to Cindy for her thoughtfulness!

What a perfect backing.

Rhonda writes:
I keep any leftover lengths of binding from all my quilts and roll them up “cinnamon roll” like to use on quilts like this that are very scrappy.  Rolling them up like this keeps them tidy and ready for use by just joining them together until I get binding long enough for what I need.  That way I don’t have to pick a color and try to match something in the quilt.  And I love the look of scrappy binding!”

Check out the binding roll she has going….

Isn’t that a great idea?  I should definitely do that.  It would be perfect for scrappy quilts and a great use of leftovers!  Best yet, it would be ready when I need it!!  Thanks for sharing the tip Ronda.

Stop back next week. Hopefully I’ll have another charity quilt to share.

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  1. What a fabulous quilt ladies!! Love the story of the 84 year old neighbor who is still so active!! I wish everyone could be that way at 84!!!

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