Changing Scenes on the Farm

Big things are happening here on the farm this summer.  A big update is happening in the grain storage area.  The guys have gradually been working on it on days when the weather allows.

Here they are tearing down a three of the old bins.

In this picture they are working on bin #2.  The bin to the right is already gone.  The bin to the left is next to go.

The two bigger bins behind the front three are were bought by a neighbor.  They will be moving them as soon as time and weather permits.

My girlfriend was here and was appalled that they would be just crushing the bins.  In reality, these bins were SO small.  The guys couldn’t even put two full wagon loads or corn in the smallest bin!!

The new system will have a new HUGE bin..grain legs and a wagon unloading station complete with a shed.  It will be fun to watch the progress.  What will even be better is have a shorter harvest because of better equipment.

Hubby is so thankful to be working for a farmer who is willing to make improvements.

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  1. No more shoveling out bins! My brother and dad replaced their old bins with hopper bottoms and they are so much more efficient. We do not grow corn here but lots of barley, wheat and canola.

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