Changing Plans….

When I last left you this morning I was telling you what I was up to yesterday.  I told you about Rosies puking and I told you that I finished quilting this quilt…

Well I’m bound and determined to quilt as many quilt tops as I can while I’m on break so I thought, what the heck, load another one.

I ended up loading this one…this will be a graduation present.

I didn’t intend on working on the quilt…just loading it.  But then I saw the quilt lying on the floor and then I remembered all the problems I’ve had with Rosie in the sewing room and then I realized I was going to have to at least work on this quilt long enough so it wasn’t hanging on the floor anymore.  UGH..not what I wanted to do at all.

Then I started working on it and I loved the way it was looking and before I knew it….

I was done with it.  WOW.  I’m so glad I ended up doing it.  Doesn’t it looks great.

Now that leaves me with THREE quilts that need binding.  I’m okay with that…I’m just thankful they are quilted.  I think machine quilting is my least favorite thing to do.

While I was quilting the above quilt I kept thinking about the mystery.  I really wanted better fabrics.   This morning I had shown you this option…

and this option…. I wasn’t hot on either of the choices.  Then I remembered that I had one box that might have a bit of yardage.  After the quilt was off the frame I pulled the box and found this red and the gold.  Ah…I like that better….

But…what about blue.  I could use blue instead of brown.  They look nice together….Hmmm.  I ended up picking this….

I’m actually happy with this.  The first options would have been okay but I didn’t love them.  This I really, really like.

I went to cut this piece and saw this tag on it.  I bought this about 7 years ago.  There was an Alco store in Spring Valley MN.  It had fabric…and decent fabric.  It was all flat fold.  This is an RJR fabric.  Note it was $2.99 a yard.  I would go and buy 25 yards at a time…mostly backing.  At the time I was making lots of Civil War quilts and $2.99 a yard was dirt cheap.  Plus…the people cutting it were beyond generous.  This says 1.5 yards…there is 1.75 yards there.  They were such terrible cutters..alway favoring the customer though.  They also periodically ran $1 off per yard sales.   It was fabulous…but alas the Alco stores are all gone now.

About then Kalissa called. She wanted to go on a walk.   I got Rosie ready but had enough time to grab the mail.  I opened the door and almost tripped on a package left on the porch.

That would have to wait.  I went on a walk with these guys first.

No worries.  We are distancing ourselves.  We walk on the street….Kalissa with the stroller in one lane.  Me with Rosie in the other.  The boys love it.  Kalissa and I do too.

But back to my package….

Hmm.  I didn’t order anything from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I wonder what?  Well the label says to me.

I guess I’ll open it.  Inside was this card….
Well…I’m not Betty but it’s addressed to me so I’m guessing Betty bought this and gifted it for me.  At least I hope that what it is.  Hmm.  I don’t know what to think….It does say it’s addressed to me.

Want to see what is inside??  This….

I’ve wondered about this little rulers.  It says it sharpens your rotary cutter blade with every swipe.  I’d love to try that out.

There was a Block magazine.  I’ve seen those and loved those before…
There were some fun books with short essays in it too.  All perfect for bedtime reading..something short and easy to read….

Then there was this awesome container.  I love project containers.  I don’t have any nice ones like this.  Oh, I’m being spoiled for sure.  This is perfect…and being I had selected my fabrics for the Quilted Twins Mystery, they could be put right in here.

PERFECT….but I’m still half wondering if it was supposed to be sent to me.  If you are Betty and sent it, THANKS SO MUCH.  If you are Betty and didn’t mean to send it to me, no worries, I’ll forward it on to you.

I had other fun mail too…

A card from Lori, THANKS!!  and a magazine.  I’m set for bedtime reading for a week or so.

I did have enough time to cut out my mystery clue…and some binding for one of the quilts…

What’s up for today??   I have no idea.  I guess it all depends on what Rosie lets me do.  I’m going to try to get the mystery clue sewn as I saw that Bonnie Hunter is starting something on Monday.  Hmmm.  I know I shouldn’t start another project, but like I said, I do need some quilts to gift.

I’d love to get another quilt on the frame but Karl is home too.  We’ll see…we were talking about starting some plants.  I’ll keep you posted on what I end up doing.  Watch my Instagram.  I’ll try to sent out a couple clues of what I’m up to. (Find me on Instagram at jo_joscountryjunction)

Hopefully no more Rosie escapades.


11 thoughts on “Changing Plans….”

  1. I really like your choices. I think I may do Bonnie’s quilt along because the pieces should already be cut with her system. I wish I could be more consistent about cutting up my scraps. I’ve been working at that and cleaning my sewing space so now I’m overflowing with strips and I need a project to use them.
    I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with the Quilted Twins Mystery.

  2. Jo – love that 2nd quilt you quilted. Would you mind sharing what pattern that one is? I probably saw your post about making it but when I saw it on your quilting frame I fell in love.

    Glad you are able to get out for walks with the kids. And I absolutely love Rosie – she’s such a perfect little beagle. Hang in there – puppies aren’t easy especially when you are used to an adult dog that was trained. I could never be mad at that cute little face!


  3. I like the revised color combination for the Quilted Twins mystery. That will be really pretty. I don’t know if I dare start yet another project…..but I’ll take a look at Bonnie’s on Monday.

    I’ll be interested if that ruler works. Blades are so expensive and get full a lot quicker than I’d like.

    Betty might be the person who packed your order. I get those kinds of notes when I order from Missouri Star. No matter where it came from, it’s awesome! What a great bunch of goodies.

    So nice that you can get out for a walk and at least see those cute grands. I haven’t seen mine in ages. They have family members still working and are exposed to at risk people, just like yours are. So we don’t get to see them, but we all have to do what we can.

    Sending virtual hugs!

  4. You know beagles are really good hunting dogs. They have a wonderful nose and can track rabbits by smell. It is no wonder she can smell the dog food in your garage. You should store it in a sealed container. Also why she could smell your body fluids n the waste paper basket. She has a wonderful nose. She is so cute and only doing what her instinct tells her to do. Like you saidbeagles are chow hounds. Good thing you love her so much.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Your material you chose for the quilted twins quilt along are pretty. But I liked the batic combo so much. I’m going to check out that sharpening square. I must have 30 plus cutting wheels sitting in my storage drawer. What a cash saver. Thanks for sharing so much tonight. The quilt you unintentionally finished is so great looking live it. I have a wedding quilt to do and that would be perfect.

  6. Love the two quilts you finished! Glad you are doing a post on the graduation quilt! I am interested too in making it! My nephew is graduating this year and I feel so sorry for all the seniors! They are not getting to enjoy their senior year with their friends, sports or prom! We are waiting to hear if graduation will be cancelled! I made him a quilt to take to college with him in the fall. Please let us know how that ruler works that’s suppose to sharpen the blades! I will be getting one if it really works! Glad you and Kalissa and the boys are walking! Walking is so good to relieve stress and it costs nothing!!!

  7. Your finished quilts are beautiful!
    I was thinking of doing the Quilted Twins mystery but I’m also working on one for my gd. Maybe later!
    And whoever Betty is, how sweet to receive that box fron her!
    Love and prayers

  8. I love the graduation quilt (scrappy squares and half-square triangles). I would love to make this. Is there a pattern for it? If yes, what is the name of the quilt? What is the size of the blocks? I love your blog. I get many ideas from it. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
    P.S. Rosie is so cute! I love her.

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