Changing My Stitchy Ways

A post from Kelli–

A few things have changed since Miss Georgia has been born.  Most good–lots of smiles, not vomitting, minimal headaches, staring at her…for hours if life would allow it–but some not as good–iffy sleep (but only on occasion), getting pumping figured out, having some hard talks–but honestly, overall it has been amazing.

Since Jason farms and works super long hours, things like having him be the parent in the house while I go get groceries or run errands isn’t going to be able to happen.  I know that I can ask for help and that I have a pretty awesome village that would love to step in, but I also want my kids to know that groceries need to get bought.  I want them to be able to do whatever the task is for the day and just be able to go with whatever the flow happens to be.

One thing I wanted to make sure I was still abel to do was stitch…lots.  And luckily, I’ve been able to get it figured out!

It seems that at night from about 8 to 10, she gets a bit more fussy than she is throughout the day.  And I hate even saying she gets fussy–Because she really just squeaks and fusses more than normal.  If I put her down and am not holding her she just gets fussy, but as soon as I pick her up, she’s fine.  I’ve started using this time to stitch.  I can easily just set her in my lap and stitch away.  She’s comfy–And I get some stitching time in!  Who could say no to that?

Here’s another set up that has worked really well for us.  She loves her swing, so I get her strapped in and swinging and I am able to stitch.  This way, I also don’t feel guilty that I’m not playing with her while she’s awake.  I can easily talk to her, sing her a song, and just see what she’s up to.

Overall, out little adjustments end up working out great!  She’s pretty much the best baby ever when it comes to sleep, eating, and temperment—And letting her momma get some stitching time in!

8 thoughts on “Changing My Stitchy Ways”

  1. Sherry Whalen

    ‘ I want them to be able to do whatever the task is for the day and just be able to go with whatever the flow happens to be.’ Very wise!! This is one of the best things to teach children.

    Also – Georgia is adorable!


  2. She sounds like an awesome little angel. So glad you are finding ways have some time for you. She’s a lucky little girl. Hugs!

  3. I have had 6 sons. And now I care for a grandson while his parents work. One thing I’ve noticed is that babies who feel loved are better able to handle frustrations when they come. And they will, like that period right before they can grab things on purpose, or right before they can sit up, or crawl, or walk. You get the idea. Basically, I think it’s just difficult before a big developmental milestone. Then they can do whatever it is and they are happy again. Just one Mama’s thoughts I thought I would share. Georgia sure is a sweetie pie!

  4. Kelli,
    So glad you have Georgia as a stitching partner. I’m sure she will learn and be able to accomplish what needs to be done. After all she comes from a great line of “doers”.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

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