Changing Gears

I’ve been in a big debate in my head on how I’ve been living my life and have decided I need to make some changes. The beauty of it all is that it’s not too late to make some changes…and I think the changes will improve my quality of life.

I love everything I’m doing and I want to do it all…but, there are only so many hours in a day. This last week was the one that really made me see that. I’ve been debating for some time but between having a few days off over Christmas and having the busy week I did last week, I can see that I need to do a little less all the way around. Christmas time was great…I had an extra day off and had time that I was doing a lot of things that I love. I was so less pressured and regimented. This week I was scrapping by to get the most out of every minute.

With my life now I am up at 5:30 in the morning. To work by 6:40 am, working until 5- 5:15. Then home by 5:30 or so every evening then I’m home with the dogs, making supper, scrambling to write some blog posts. grab a shower, do a few house things like dishes and then if I’m lucky, I get to stitch for about 40 minutes before I head up the stairs to bed at 10:15. I don’t have any time for any deviation from that schedule. I do that four days a week. It’s too much.

With work go-go-go and when I get home it’s go-go-go, it’s too much.

On top of that, once I have some days off, I’m trying to run around here to do things to take care of the house, foster pups, and get something done so that I have content to blog about. There’s always a constant grind for me…Do you have blog posts written? When are you writing blog posts…what are you going to write…

There have been a few days that I really didn’t want to fully finish a cross stitch piece, but I had to have something to blog about so I made myself finish it. When I’m doing that, my hobbies and things I enjoy turn into work…not my fun hobbies I can do to relax. I want to relax when I’m crafting…not feel pressured to perform.

When I first started blogging that’s how things were, if something happened, I blog about it. If nothing happened, I didn’t blog. Then I started blogging every day. That was still okay. Then I quit my other jobs and only blogged twice a day. That was good too…but now, maintaining both my job, my life, and the blog is a lot.

I’ve found myself not doing some things like wiping off the kitchen counters or changing the bed sheets as often just so I can fit everything into a day. I’ve been cutting corners. I’ve been needing to see an estate planner but have I done it? No. There aren’t enough hours in my day. UGH. And I’m not dinking around. I’m working and doing from the time I get up until the time I go to bed.

So…I can’t stop being a mom and grandma. I can’t stop caring for my dogs. I can’t stop maintaining my house. I can’t stop working at the vet office…I love it and I need the money. I have something I can do that will make life easier and more enjoyable for me. I can write fewer blog posts each week and that’s what I’m going to do.

I am not going to quit blogging. I love blogging but I want it to be more of a hobby again…not a job.

In the end, I think you might enjoy reading the blog more as well. Without HAVING to write two blog posts each day I might have more time to sew or possibly film a Sew with Jo which I know many of you enjoy. (I might have time to change the sheets more often which I might enjoy) Some days there will still be two blog posts…some days there will only be one. We’ll see what comes my way to blog about.

This week I came home tired from work on Friday and didn’t even write one blog post. Then Saturday got away from me with things I had to do so I didn’t even sit down to the computer to start to write this until 8:30 at night. At 8:30 at night, I shouldn’t be at the computer…so I’m also making a new rule for myself. I’m only stitching, sewing, or doing something that I really want to do once the clock hits 8:30 pm. No more “have to do things” after 8:30 pm.

I think this is good for me especially as I approach my cancer treatment time. It will be good for me to not feel pressured that I have to write. Who knows…after that, I might pick up and write more, but I don’t think I will. The prospect of not feeling pressured that I HAVE to write two blog posts sounds wonderful. Doing whatever I want to do after 8:30 pm each night sounds glorious.

I need to find a better work/home balance. I think this plan just might work. I hope you all understand…

96 thoughts on “Changing Gears”

  1. This sounds great, Jo! This has turned into a huge job for you (blogging) and it’s time to put some boundaries on it. I love reading your posts and am glad you will continue but I hope blogging will become more fun like in the old days. A while back, you acknowledged you often have new readers who don’t know all the members of your family, so you try to explain who each person is when you are telling a story. I wonder if it would be easier for you to have a permanent “list of characters” on the right side of your blog with the name of each person and their relationship with you. Then, when you are relating a story you can just tell the story. If someone wonders “who is Gannon?” They can just look over there. You won’t have to constantly explain “Gannon is my daughter Karissa’s middle son who is 4 yrs old”.

    1. Sally, Jo has a menu at the top right side of the page. If one clicks on the 3 lines, one can see a list including “All About Jo.” If anything, she can just refer to the above menu. But, really, if someone is new on the blog they should be in quizzed enough to “surf” the menu.

  2. Jo, your blog posts are awesome, but your sanity is far more important. No one will die if you don’t write every day. Please don’t disappear for a week though without giving us a heads up…we would worry.

  3. Excellent decision! you need to have work/life balance, and if shortchange “life”, you don’t get do-overs.
    Will I miss two blogs a day? Probably, but I’ll know it’s because you are living your life, not cramming it all in. I hope this makes everything more relaxed and enjoyable.

  4. Jo, good for you! We don’t need to see posts from you twice a day. I love reading about your life, and I’m sure many others do too, but we’ll survive. What is really important to us, is that you take care of yourself, especially while you’re going through treatment. I’m in awe of everything you do. Take care and enjoy your life!

  5. It’s odd but I only get one blog a day. I read it on FB or in my Gmail. I definitely think you need to cut back, if nothing but for your health. You are a very busy woman with a large family and extensive other activities (like a job!). Cut back and put those feet up and enjoy life. Life is so short, it’s time to have some fun too.

    1. just what I was thinking– I only receive one a day and have to wait for several hours to open it because it comes as hashbrowns when it is too fresh off the press. Good you are doing this to slow things down rather than getting in the middle of treatment frazzled.

  6. I’m so glad that you’re taking the time for yourself and what you need for your heath, sanity, and happiness. I certainly with miss your twice-daily posts, but will enjoy your newer posts more knowing that they’re not a burden for you.
    Continued prayers for you, too.

    1. Jo, I applaud you! I have known you for years but just starting to read your blog in the last couple of months. I enjoy it immensely. But as I sit reading your blogs, I feel guilty that your free time is sacrificed for the enjoyment of others. I feel like a slacker reading what you all get done as I am sitting on my phone. We all want you to enjoy your family and hobbies. As someone mentioned, perhaps throw a topic every now and then for your followers to comment and discuss. Kind of like letting the blog write itself. I look forward to hearing what you are up to when YOU have time to share. Wishing you restored good health as we all pray for you.

  7. When a hobby becomes a have to do job, something has to change! Making yourself write two blogs a day is over the top! I’m a lot older than you, but still it is like making quilts. The question I get occasionally is, do you make them for other people? I say, NO, because then it becomes a job. I don’t want a job at 75! I want to enjoy what I am doing and not be pressured and stressed!
    I really enjoy your blog, and read you every morning with my coffee along with Country Threads Chicken Scratch. That doesn’t mean I want you to write every day, but I will read it if it is posted! Your family has become a fun family to read about and watch the kids grown and I also love your dogs and foster dogs!
    You take care of you and don’t let any of our wishes make you feel guilty! Love you!

  8. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I thought you were quitting! So yay! Also maybe a post could be a question for readers to discuss in the comments.

  9. You definitely need to do what ever is the BEST for you–especially with the treatment ahead of you. Not sure how you manage to get all that you do -any day. I sure understand –your well being, happiness, feeling good about how life is going is much more important than a Blog!! Prayers that all goes well -and changes work the way you want them to!

  10. When it turns into a chore and is no longer fun, that’s when to wrap it up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who want something for nothing, and if given half a chance, they will suck you dry. We love you and love hearing about all of your activities, but you must think of your health first. You will remain in our prayers. God Bless You.

  11. I get one blog a day and I really look forward to reading about your family and you each afternoon. However, please, please take care of yourself. I am just being selfish. I would love to have you blog every once in a while though so I can keep up with you and your life in the Midwest.

  12. Great decision Jo. I love your blog and will still love it when you post once a day or even need to skip a day. You need and deserve some down time!

  13. You have always astonished me for the things you get finished. I totally agree with you for backing off of so many blogs. It isn’t fun when it starts to worry you. You need to focus on your health and well-being and I am praying for your recovery.

  14. Of course we understand!!! You need a break and there are just too many balls in the air at the moment! Please take care of yourself first and foremost – we’ll still follow!!

  15. I have often wondered how you can manage 2 posts a day as well as everything else going on in life and that was before you started working out of the house . It will still be nice to catch up with my internet friend once a day . Take care

  16. Yes Jo- you have to take care of yourself first. Resting is a proven plan God created for all of us. You live such a High demand life and I get it as my days and nights end like yours and if I can I work a sewing project in to satisfy my creative streak. Do things that are best for you and everyone will understand.We all just appreciate how you have devoted so much of yourself to us when you truly didn’t have to be so generous. Praying Blessings in all your endeavors and that you will feel at peace just kicking it back a notch.”Do small with Great Love”.

  17. I’m just relieved that you are not going to quit blogging. Reading through your post I was afraid that was what was coming. I really enjoy your blog immensely but it’s very understandable that you might want to cut back some. Thank you so much for all you do and God Bless and Best Wishes in everything, especially your cancer treatment.

  18. Gosh Jo, yes, take time for yourself. I love reading about your life but certainly don’t need it everyday. You should write only when you feel like it. An update once a week would be plenty especially now. Sending prayers and hugs to you❤️

  19. I completely understand Jo. I was a professional photographer for many years but before that photography was a fun hobby from the time I got my first Brownie camera. About the time my daughter hit high school I turned pro and even had a dark room in our house. BUT it all became work and not fun anymore. The dark room equipment was sold after a couple of years and I used a pro lab instead. Game changer! More time for the fun and I enjoyed my photography again. Do what is right for you.

  20. This sounds like such a good plan. I love reading your blogs, but have wondered how you managed to do so much. I believe you are correct that this is the one thing you can limit yourself more doing or not doing. All I ask is that you keep us informed about your health journey. All of us blog readers care about you and need to know – even if just once a week or just a short blip.

  21. I truly do love your posts but like all things in life we will adjust. Your health is of utmost importance to everyone. I remember when Bonnie Hunter stopped posting on Sunday. Life is full of adjustments so you need to do what you need to do and I am sure we will all support whatever you need to do to keep yourself healthy.

  22. Ginny in Virginia

    Your blog posts are so appealing that they are always welcome reading for me. Whenever they appear, I will enjoy them. You are the key element. Who you are and how you live is vital. You have been so honest and authentic that I would not expect anything else from you. And I certainly would not want anything else from you but what is genuinely what you want to do. Good choice. Brava, Jo! All the best.

  23. There is nothing wrong with changing gears. We all have limited time on this earth and doing what we love is important for our well being. It sounds like you have the right attitude about this change. We love reading your blog posts but truthfully I dont’ read all of them all the time. I’m sure you can fill in your time with things you enjoy and feel good about it.

  24. Jo, I think of you as a friend (I even say, “my friend Jo…” even though we’ve never met and I’ve only commented here once or twice). And as I’d say to my best friend, you know what’s best for you. Your blog post is the cherry on top of my day. But if it’s the cherry on top of my week, I’m thankful for that. I’ve often wondered how you do all that you do. Please, do YOU! We aren’t going anywhere!

    1. Shelley I too find myself saying “my friend Jo in Iowa ……..” even though I live on the other side of the world and have never met Jo!

  25. I applaud your decision to slow down on blogging. I’ll take as much Jo news as I can get but absolutely do not want you to feel that blogging has become a chore to tick off of a list. I would hope blogging is a joy in your life!

    I think setting time limits on evening busy-ness is a great idea! I would back that off a little bit earlier! And clean sheets – that counts as one of life’s joys!


  26. Jo, I certainly don’t want to be the “Negative Nellie” here, but I think you still have too much on your plate. Can you go to part-time at the vet? If you did that and only blogged once or twice a week, you’d have so much more time to yourself….and I don’t know how you will be able to handle all of that once your treatment starts. Please be kind to yourself. It’s okay to put yourself first!

  27. I can only re-affirm what everyone else has written. I’d also like to say that I have followed your example of breaking tasks/crafts into small steps so that there is always progress, however small. After Christmas I was finding everything daunting, didn’t know where to start, and found myself doing not much at all. We had been away in our caravan for 10 weeks before Christmas, so I had your blog (and Mary Etherington’s too) to catch up reading. Lo and behold, there were some helpful ideas. So thank you so much! I was also reminded of the instructions we’re given on planes about fitting our own masks first: you have to take care of yourself first or you won’t be able to help anyone else.
    Take care, and we’ll all be extra glad when you do pop up in emails etc.
    Cheers, Pauline in South Australia

  28. This decision makes so much sense, Jo. I love reading your posts but certainly can see the need to cut back. If you’re like me, quilting is my therapy. It keeps me sane with all the other busyness that life throws my way. Less blog posts? Sounds like a great place to start with improving the quality of your life.

  29. I am so happy for you Jo! I’ve often wondered when his day would come, blogging, stitching, and time given to readers should all be only because you WANT to give it. There is a funny change that happens when we feel we HAVE TO rather than WANT TO and it actually is not funny at all, but a bit soul sucking. Perhaps blogging and all the busyness you created in your life helped you get through the loss of your husband, but now is a time for you. It is time discover you and living again just for you. Enjoy your moments and your activities just for you—as we all should—whatever they are. We’ve all been socialized to be believe our worth is in what we give to others, but our worth is simply in who we are. Just be you and be happy with what makes you happy. This is YOUR life to live, LIVE it in a way that makes you happy. You don’t have to squeeze so much into every minute for us. Do what you choose for you. With much love and heart, L

  30. Writing a blog post when you have time and desire is a great decision. We will read them when posted. Skipping a day or 3 hurts NOBODY!

    Take care of YOU first :-)

    1. Jo, STOP!!!, you don’t need/owe/have to/ be guilty( please don’t), about any part of your life. It’s ALL YOUR LIFE, not anybodies else’s!!! Enjoy your family , pets, fosters, hobbies, job, YOUR health, and any other part of YOUR LIFE, you wish. Yes, we all enjoy your blogs, but NOT to the detriment if your life. Take our prayers, our thoughts, our mail, our ?messages & enjoy them. Without feeling any throw backs from the likes of us or anyone who barks in the wind. Care for you & your’s first, please. Thank you for your dedication to life.

  31. I also think you should pick one day a week and do not blog at all. Bonnie Hunter started this some time ago when she had to regain her sanity and it has worked for her.
    So glad you are doing this – you won’t regret it.

  32. Jo, I agree with Pat! Writing blog posts Every Day is too much! Even though you enjoy blogging and working outside the home you can’t do everything. And everyone would understand if you only bloged a couple times a week. If not, shame on them! Only do what you want, when you want.
    Especially during this time of your cancer treatment. We are with you! ❤️

  33. Jo, you go girl! Do what you like when you like or as you can enjoy it. We will be here whenever you do write. I wondered how you managed more than one post a day. Now if it’s a couple a week that’s okay too. Take care of yourself and be happy then we will be happy!


  34. Jo I applaud your decision to cut back on blogging! I’m amazed that you’ve done it TWICE A DAY for as long as you have! When I started reading I was afraid you were quitting altogether. That would make me really sad. Write when you can, when you feel like it. Most of all enjoy what you’re doing.
    As you’re up to it , let us know what’s going on with your cancer treatment and how you’re feeling. But take care of Jo first. You continue to be in our prayers!

  35. Jo, I certainly agree with most of the above comments. Once you asked us readers if anyone wanted to share about the charity that they donate quilts to. Did anyone ever respond? I still think that was a terrific idea. I personally don’t quilt that much (I love my cross-stitch too much) but, I think that by doing this we would become aware of more needs. I’m not sure about doing a question and letting the readers chime in. That could go “south” real fast if it isn’t carefully monitored. Just my opinion on that. I’ll keep you and the family in my prayers.

  36. Jo the most important thing is yourself. It’s not being selfish but it is healthy for you and staying positive with all that is ahead of you. It will mean we all will have a surprise when a blog pops in. Saying “no” is one of the hardest things but it is also necessary. Maybe we all need a sign in our homes that says, “JUST SAY NO BUT I STILL LOVE YOU”. Take care girl and know that we are thinking of you!

  37. Hi Jo, so glad you are taking time to take care of yourself. Your blog is one I really look forward to but you need to put yourself first. I just have a small question, did you finish your quilt blocks that were neutral squares with one snowball wonky corner on them. I can’t remember what you called them and when I did a search nothing comes up. Don’t mean to bother you but if you know what I’m talking about a link would be helpful. Thank you, take care of yourself and I will be praying for you.

  38. I think you’re being very sensible. Of course I understand, as do all the others here who’ve commented. I’ve often wondered how you managed to fit 2 blog posts in with everything else you do. It puts me to shame, I don’t achieve half of what you do!
    Absolutely you must prioritise your health, mental and physical. And also absolutely, you must regain the feeling of doing your crafts out of enjoyment, without putting any pressure on yourself. I particularly like your idea of doing only enjoyable stuff from 8.30 onwards, no “have to” stuff. I also tend to do this, without consciously making it a rule, but you’ve inspired me to make it a definite thing now. Thanks for sharing your life with us through your blogs. I love your outlook on life. But now you need to look after yourself too. Just do what you can, without the pressure. I’ll be praying for you God bless you Jo.

  39. I love your blog, Jo, and have always been amazed that you post twice a day–I don’t know anyone else who does that. I agree with others who have suggested taking a day off from blogging each week–we will all adjust. You deserve time for yourself.

  40. Jo,
    Good for you! Take good care of yourself, you’ve got some challenges ahead of you. Life is too short no matter what. Enjoy your time after 8:30. You’ve certainly earned it all these years.


    I follow blogs that are only published a couple times a month. You need to just do what’s best for you. If you write 3 blog posts, or 10 over a weeks’ time, is your choice. We will ALWAYS be here for you. We Love you Jo, Go get some stitchin’ done! ;)

  42. I think taking at least one day a week off is a good suggestion, I was going to make it myself. There are years of blogs to read if we get lonely.
    You have to put your health in first place. With your treatment coming up you need more rest and you time.
    We will be happy to know you are taking time for yourself.
    God bless you as you bravely go through treatment, I am amazed at your courage.

  43. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I’ve always thought that when we begin to say “I should…” or “I have to…” that we need to look hard at what’s going on. You need to make your blog pleasurable for you, not just your readers. This sounds like a great decision you’ve made!

  44. I’ll look forward to reading your blog however often you post – one time a day or 3 times a week or whatever. I always enjoy seeing what is happening in your world.
    I’m praying for you.

  45. Good for you, Jo! I read blogs that only post once a week, or 3 times a week … I always enjoy the posts when they’re made, but I’m happy that they’re enjoying their lives! Time for a little ‘feet up’ time! We’ll be here when you have something you want to share. Thanks for all the time you’ve given us.

  46. I can only echo what everyone else has said — your blog is a real highlight but it will remain so regardless of how often you post. We, your readers, want only what’s best for you.

  47. I totally understand, but I’m selfishly glad you’re only cutting back and not out. LOL! Having what is almost a full-time paying job makes a tremendous difference in your available time!

  48. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Jo I’m so happy to hear that you will still blog but on your terms. Yes, as everyone else has said you deserve “me time”. Blog when you want. We all understand.

  49. My heart skipped a beat when I started reading, I thought you were going to quit blogging completely. I’ve long thought you should blog less and take care of yourself more. The time you spend blogging on mail, charity quilt info, recipes, book reviews, cross stitch, quilting, and family is far too time consuming. Perhaps you can see what topics get the least amount of “clicks” or comments and remove them from your rotation. As always, you do what’s best for you and your family. I’ve been keeping you in prayer as I fight my own cancer battle along side of you.

  50. I wish you the best. Enjoy your life and don’t feel obligated to do more than you want. You have been an excellent example of grace under pressure.

  51. Along with everyone else, I applaud your decision to blog less, since that means you are giving yourself the chance to look after yourself! Once a day, once a week, whatever works for you, especially during your treatments – that will work for the rest of the world, too.

  52. I’ve been reading your blog for many years, and I honestly don’t know how you have time to breathe! I’d much rather that you live your life and blog when you feel like it, than feel that you have to entertain us several times a day. You go girl! Enjoy what you love to do!

  53. Beryl in Owatonna

    Jo, I have wondered how you get so much done. I am happy to hear you will slow down. You have such a wonderful family, I am sure they are happy to hear this too. You need to take care of yourself as you recuperate from your treatments, you can’t get well if you are burning the candle at both ends, Your readers all understand, A blog a day is great or less if necessary.
    You re in my prayers, take care of yourself. You have many people who care. Everything will be there tomorrow, it doesn’t have to be done right now. I am learning that,

  54. Jo, you should do only what you really want to do. You are working some long hours! Hopefully you don’t “need” the blog money as much as you did before your vet job. My favorite blog post is your Monday one, “What I’m Working On”. Hope you’ll still be able to do that one even if you want to change days. Maybe you can do like Bonnie Hunter and pick a day (or more) to not blog at all.

  55. Good heavens! You need to just commit to doing a post or two a WEEK – and if you want to, if you have something you want to share, then add to that. Commit to less and have much better quality of life. I worked so hard in my career (75+ hours per week, including weekends) that I literally don’t remember 10 years of my life. You’ve probably heard of people ‘burning out’….THAT was me. I took a sabbatical from work for 2 years to re-balance my life…it was the best thing I could do. Nowadays (many years later, and retired for nearly 4 years now) my worst nightmare is to dream I’m at work, doing that job again.

  56. It’s completely understandable. I really don’t know how you’ve managed to keep it all going for this long. I’m so glad you’ve worked it out and come to this decision. You need to take care of you!

  57. Glad you are considering your life/work balance – something busy people need to constantly do. I have been following your blog for many years and look forward to it very much but it has always been a mystery to me at how much you squeeze into every day/hour/minute of your life. Posting every day is not necessary but reducing your workload and stress is vital.
    A few tips: write a list of everything you enjoy doing (work, family, garden, cooking, seeing family, your dogs, sewing, blogging etc etc) then do through the list slowly and put a line through anything you can immediately eliminate and write a comment beside anything you can tweak or change to reduce the pressure on you.
    Take care of yourself, Jo. You have a massive treatment coming up and you need to be in shape for it not exhausted from keeping all those plates spinning! God bless.

  58. That’s perfectly acceptable! I have been building my own business here at home doing what I love. I told myself long ago that I never wanted it to go from a hobby to a chore. Yes, it may be my only source of income one of these days, but we’ve made lifestyle changes and manage to live comfortably with very little.

    I’m also not your typical reader. I don’t subscribe because my email is cluttered enough and though sometimes I do read twice a day, when I’m busy it’s only once or twice a week.

    Your health, your family, your foster pets and your job are more important now. You should never have to rush to finish a project simply because you feel obligated to write a blog post.

  59. In short, whatever you do is good for us! I’m glad you’re thinking about this and making changes you need! Sending hugs!

  60. I suspected this was coming. Good decision. I don’t write blog posts and I find it hard to fit everything in, including completing and mailing off estate planning documents. And as a reminder, Bonnie Hunter stopped posting on Sundays a few years back. It’s ok to let us know you are taking a vacation a few weeks a year too. I love your posts but totally understand the cut back. Take care of yourself first.

  61. I’m so glad to read that you will be slowing down – you’ve always been so busy and it’s not so healthy, especially with your treatments coming up. You take care of you first. Of course we understand!
    Many bloggers only blog once a week or a little more – I follow Jennifer at Elefantz Designs… she also has some health problems but blogs too BUT about once a week.
    You take care of yourself and only blog when you can, ok? You’re too important to your family and us to worry about it.
    Love and prayers

    1. I also follow Jennifer! She’s great.

      Jo, take care of yourself first and then your family! You’re doing the right thing. Look at it this way—fewer posts will make everyone appreciate you that much more. particularly with your upcoming treatment, all the more reason to take it a bit easier and NOT worry about all of us. We will be fine.

  62. Jo, like all your other followers, I applaud your decision to “do you.” We LOVE reading all your posts but definitely want you to feel good and have down time for yourself. PLEASE do what works for you and take good care of yourself!!

  63. Oh, Jo–you are far more important than your blog readers. Please ENJOY your life! I vote for you just posting when you want to, and letting us know every 2 or 3 days how you are doing. Or let one of your kids post an update for us.
    Ruth in VA

  64. Bravo! You gotta take care of yourself and as much as I enjoy your blog posts, taking care of yourself is way more important. Praying for you and yours as you navigate this treatment journey.

  65. Jo, I think it makes perfect sense to slow down and take time to smell the roses. I like reading your blog, but sometimes when I read about all the things you squeeze into a day I feel exhausted and wonder when you take time to breathe. Your plan to have a cut off time each day to do something you enjoy seems like a good place to start. After reading many of your readers comments here, you know we all want the best for you and wish you well.
    Prayers for your upcoming treatment and beyond.

  66. I’m in agreement with much of what has already been said. Good for you, for setting limits. I follow a couple other blogs that only post once a week. Whatever works for you will be enjoyed by those that read it. Prayers for your upcoming treatments.

  67. Good for you Jo. It is hard to say no even to yourself sometimes but it sounds like that is what you are going to do and there is nothing wrong with that. Listen to your heart, you know what can be done and what has to slide. We will adjust to your timing, your energy and your interests and activities. More videos would be great but I go back and watch the old ones when I need a fix. Take care, stay warm and God bless.

  68. I’m in agreement that it’s time to think more about yourself. I have always thought the amount you posted was an incredibly generous gift of your time. I certainly wouldn’t consider it and I don’t have nearly as many plates spinning as you do. Take care of yourself first. We all want what’s best for YOU!

  69. Here’s a big hug (())for a wise decision. Creating time for yourself is mission critical – this is your life! Good on you for doing this!! Please consider going even further. We clearly all consider you to be our friend, & this friendship should not & does not require you to blog every single day, nor do we need or expect it. As others have noted, staying in touch when you get a chance will still mean you’ll find us at the other end of the line happy to share your joys, comfort your sorrows as best we can & commiserate when stuff is annoying or tough. You are our friend, and we are yours. Give us a shout when you have time; it is enough.

  70. Good for you. I hope everyone understand. I believe many bloggers have cut back, stepped back for one or another. I personally will read several of yours at a time. Take care of yourself. I will enjoy whatever whenever you write something.

  71. Have enjoyed your blog the last 4-5 years, I went back and read them from the beginning. I have always enjoyed sewing and after working doing custom appliqué for 5-6 years, when that job ended I decided I would never sew for money again, I would just sew what I wanted to. Looking forward to reading your blog posts in the future.

  72. I love reading your blog everyday….but if it’s not everyday, that’s totally OK! You need to be good to yourself! I work 4 days a week and “only” have 5 grandkids. I do not go home and write blog posts and take care of dogs, but I’m still tired! So, don’t worry about your faithful readers…we’ll be here whenever you are!

  73. I agree with what so many folks have said! Take all the time you need to concentrate on yourself for a change. If there are days when you can’t manage a full post, just ask a question and let us “write” the blog for you. Prayers continue. Kris

  74. I rarely write a comment, but I had to when I read this post. Whoever told you had to write 3 blog posts a day. Most bloggers I read only write one and sometimes it is only one a month. Give yourself the break from it all that you need. We will all still be here rooting for you.
    It’s your blog. Handle it however you want. If someone has a problem with that, it is their problem not yours. AND, you don’t need to feel guilty about any of it. Write a blog only once a week if need be, just so we know you are still alive. :-)
    I also agree with what Kris above wrote. You are in my prayers also.

  75. I love your blog and reading about everything you do, but you need to do what’s best for you. I follow a few other blogs and they only post Monday through Friday and at times only a few days a week. Take care of yourself. Post when you can or want to, we’ll understand.

  76. I just can’t imagine why you thought you had to write two blog posts a DAY! I’m exhausted just READING what you do every day. I think if you write a couple a week – or maybe three, that would be plenty. Cut yourself some slack lady. Not that I don’t enjoy your posts, but Holy Moly, 2 a day?????

  77. Fran from Dubuque,Iowa

    I so agree with you cutting back on blogging but in addition I think k you would benefit greatly by taking g Sunday’s off like Quiltville Bonnie has. Imagine a full Sunday for you, God rested on Sunday too. It’s good medicine. Take care .

  78. Fran from Dubuque,Iowa

    It would be great for you in addition to what you are going to do is to take Sunday’s off entirely and imagine giving yourself a full day off to you, God rested on Sunday so can you, Quiltville Bonnie does. We will all be fine and enjoy it more.

  79. Hi Jo, you just take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! We’ll all be here whenever you post. I just enjoy reading what you have going on and about your family and life. I love seeing your cross stitch and anything else you’re working on. You are #1 and you should treat yourself that way. Many good thoughts and hugs going out to you.

  80. Jo, you don’t owe any of us a defense about taking care of yourself and your family first. This should be the case for everyone. We all love hearing from you, but it is our privilege, not your duty. Take the time you need to enjoy life more. I’ll look forward to hearing from you whenever you wish to share.

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