I am not good at change.  I hate it.  I love be comfortable in the normal routine.

Wednesday my youngest hopped in her car and drove herself to school to start her junior year of high school.


It’s been almost twenty years since I only sent one kid to school.  That was when our oldest went to kindergarten.   I had lamented to the kids about the change so our son Karl quick hopped in the picture…It’s just like these two to start acting goofy to try to keep me from getting sentimental.


Then later the same afternoon, we packed up a couple vehicles and took Karl to college.  Did I tell you how much I hate change?  We got him unloaded and then took him out to eat to his favorite restaurant.  The meal was filled with little parting comments…remember to take you medicine…if you need me call….make sure not to depend too much on your old friends….try to take care of your problems on your own first but if you need me call….manage your money wisely but if you get in a pinch call me…take time to meet new friends….get to class on time…remember drinking costs a lot of money and you can’t afford it…clean your room, it will drive your roommate crazy if you are a slob….brush your teeth…if you need me call…oh, I almost forgot, if you need me call.   You get the idea.  There was a lot of “if you need me, call” talk going on.

When days involve lots of change I try to do things that keep my mind off the making pickles….it’s just a silly coping method that I try to do so the change doesn’t bother me as much.  So while Karl was putting the last few boxes in his car, I was taking pickles out of the canner.


…unfortunately the pickles didn’t prevent the changes I was so hoping to avoid…I still have just one at school.  I still just dropped one off at college.

Luckily, I’ve been through this three times before.  I know it all gets better…I know Karl will call if he needs me.  I know change is sometimes for the good.  I can’t image what it will be like two years from now when the nest is empty…UGH!

Oh….and Karl, if you happen to be reading my blog…if you need me, just call.  Did I tell you I hate change?

15 thoughts on “Changes…”

  1. I’m not to fond of change either. I will be putting my youngest on the bus for kindergarten this year. It’s her third year of school but, first year with the bus. For some reason, it just hit me hard yesterday. It just takes a bit of time to get into a new routine. Before you know it, it will be summer again!

  2. I can’t imagine as mine are 7 and 5 and I’m sending them both to school for the first time on Monday. Enjoy the pickles and know that lots of us are sending you warm thoughts and comfort!!

  3. Just like I’ve told you mom….I can always move home so that you don’t have an empty nest…But remember, the Puppycat will have to come with as an added bonus!

  4. My youngest started his Senior year yesterday. Today we bring his older sister to a dorm room. She is the one who will need to adapt to change – she’s never had to share a room.

  5. I hear you I hear you! This summer has been a big change for me with Jeff moving out giving ME the empty nest…it’s weird. It’s different. It’s all good! And we are off to go visit both boys in SC tomorrow…

    And they do call!

  6. I’m right there with you. My oldest is in the process of moving into her own apartment and the twins are going to be seniors… on the 29th. I’ve shed a couple of tears already and I’m sure there will be more.


  7. They do call, even more as they get older – just to hear your voice. My three have moved out though one moved back in recently since he lost his lease on his apartment (may have one come October). My oldest calls because I’m mom and she has one little one with another one on the way.
    Speaking of which, I think I’ll call home. ;-)

  8. hang in there mama! i know what you mean about doing things like canning pickles to keep you occupied. i do that with my quilting and also with baking.

  9. Memories. I remember taking my only one on the 9 hour drive to school, crying in her dorm parking lot. It’s so hard, but it does get better and so do they.

  10. Even though it was 20 years ago, I remember when both of my kids left and moved away – within 2 weeks of each other. When we left our daughter & granddaughter, I cried all the way from N.C. to Maryland. Believe me, it does get better. Now, we just hug & hug before we part. Good thing there’s a telephone! I checked out your quilts made with the Go! and love the chisel star. Would really like to try this one. I have lots of scraps to do it with too. Keep a stiff upper lip, it’ll get better.

  11. Change is always a bit hard, but as a Mom who’s chicks flew the nest several years ago I can tell you it really is a good thing. You get to find out what great people you helped create! (You still tell them if you need anything, just call). Now I have grandsons who are growing up, very quickly I might add. Quilting helps to keep me centered.

  12. two things that will never change: i will always still love you and my hair will always look really good. (as seen above)

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