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oops…this posted earlier and wasn’t supposed to. UGH. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to see the post then and get the sneak peek, you can read it now.

Well, you’ll never guess what I’m doing…If you guessed driving home from my first day of work, you’d be right. I told you, you would never guess…and I’m guessing I’m right that no one guessed that!!

Over that last month I’ve been contemplating a life change. For me, it’s a big one!! I got a job. Yep, a real-life job and I’m super excited about it. Granted, I wasn’t excited at first…but, that’s all changed and I’m happy about it now.

A bit ago I came to the realization that I was setting my own life aside and living and doing too much for everyone else. I think I was a little lost after my husband passed away and my grandkids started rolling in. I never really stopped to think about what I wanted for my life. My life instead just rolled along with me oblivious to all and I just rolled with it. I was in survival mode and I did what I had to do to survive.

I’m giving myself some grace about all of that and remembering that grief and decisions after losing a spouse are hard and we do what we have to do to get through it.

I was to the point in life I was waking up and looking at everyone else’s calendar and then going about my day according to their calendar. I didn’t make a calendar for myself. People would call and ask me to do things but first, I would check everyone else’s calendar because I made my calendar their calendar. It wasn’t a good place to be.

I needed to cut my own apron strings and go about making a life for myself…and I thought it might be good if that included a job. The job is a little twofold. Let me explain. I make my money blogging and doing all the extra things I do. The blog money comes through advertising. You see ads. I get paid. All along since my husband died I’ve been able to support myself from the advertising dollars…but advertising rates have plummeted. I’m making about half of what want I was previously making so…between needing some extra dollars and needing a life of my own, I made the decision to get a job.

It’s been in the making for over a month now. I’ve been looking for a job but I was being pretty picky. These were my priorities:
-Good Workplace
-Not a lot of weekend work
-Decent hours
-Short commute
-Feel like I was doing good

It was very topsy turvy and I had the worst time coming to any decision. THE WORST. I changed my mind like a revolving door. It was a little scary for me. I haven’t had a job outside the home since 1988!! But finally, I think I found the perfect job. Here’s how it went.

I ended up applying for a para-professional job at two of the schools in the area. The work is acting as a teacher assistant helping with kids who have special needs. I thought that was a good fit but I really don’t like workplaces with a lot of politics and I was a little afraid school might have that. But, it filled a lot of the things I was looking for too.

Then a job was listed at the vet clinic that I take the dogs to. It was more of a bottom-of-the-totem-pole job. There was lots of cleaning, dog walking, kennel cleaning, and grooming assistant-type work. That didn’t sound bad. I do all of that here with the foster dogs. So on a whim, I applied. I hadn’t really thought it through because IT WASN’T PART TIME and having a part job was very high on my list because I really do want to keep blogging. I love blogging…and I want to be an active grandma.

I contemplated starting in-home childcare again. That lasted for about 30 seconds. There is such a need but in the end I really thought I needed to get out of the house!

After fits and starts, I ended up completely changing my mind and decided I wouldn’t get a job outside the home. Instead, I would throw myself at blogging and growing my Youtube channel hoping it would grow and the advertising dollars would come back. I ended up contacting the places I had applied to and told them to please withdraw my application. I did that at about 10 pm at night. I couldn’t stand all the uncertainty anymore and just wanted a decision made. I just told everyone that I found a position that I thought I was comfortable with and should something change, I’d apply again.

I was content with that and finally slept better. I was going to work the job I had REALLY HARD.

The next day the vet clinic called me. They said they got my email but they wanted to know how I felt about something else. They said they had a job they wanted to consider me for. It would be working at the front desk. I would be doing a lot of taking the pets to and from the back kennel area as pets are taken to be groomed or vetted. I would also be doing reception work, checking animals in, and other secretarial-type things.

Well, that sounded pretty good to me. I was so tempted to say yes. I loved the:
-short commute
-work environment
-Not a lot of weekend work
-Decent hours
-Feel like I was doing good

It hit so many things…but ugh. I want part-time work. I just had to say no. I wanted part-time work.

Well, glory bee! I told them I really only wanted part-time work…and they said that’s good because IT WAS A PART-TIME JOB!! WHAT? Really? It was part-time and the job hit every single one of my wants.

I was thrilled. I asked about pay and it’s totally acceptable. I asked if I could think about it for 24 hours and they said sure.

I thought about it and took the job the next day!! Oh…I’m so happy. Granted I’m a little nervous…but happy. I couldn’t think of a better job for me at this point. I have loved everyone at the vet office. It’s so funny because I already end up there a couple of times a week as they do a lot of vet work for the rescue I volunteer with. I jokingly said one day, I might as well work here as I end up here so often. HA!! …and now I do work there. I’m working about 2-3 days a week. It rotates a bit but is very predictable. The schedule is good. It’s 10 hours days when I do work and I’m totally okay with that. I’d rather have longer shifts and fewer days.

I won’t have the grandkids as much…I’ll miss that but I also think it’s good for me to branch out and make my own life. I’ll likely have grandkids on some Saturdays. My goal is to try to keep my weekdays when I don’t work open so I can still do some foster dog care, work the blog and do the other things I enjoy.

My family is happy for me. I think they could all see I was getting into a bit of a rut and needed a change.

I’m hoping things here on the blog won’t change but they might a little. I’m going to take it how it comes and see how managing things all goes. I might have 10-12 posts a week instead of 14…but I’m not going away. No worries about that!! I would miss you all too much!!

It’s been a long month for me trying to figure out where I wanted to go…what I wanted to do. I have to say this though. I think I am mentally the healthiest I’ve been in years. That is a great place to be!! Stepping out and making my own calendar that includes a job outside the house has been so good for me!

89 thoughts on “Changes for Jo”

    1. Jo, I’m so happy for you. The job sounds like it was almost created for you!
      I’m also glad you’re going to keep blogging. I read your blog each day and it’s a blessing to me.

  1. I believe that all of us out here want the best for you! If this is what you need than go for it! It sounds like a fun adventure!!!

  2. Meredith in Cincinnati

    This is exciting news! You are the perfect candidate and person for this job! I think you will love the interaction with people (and dogs) and find it really invigorating and fun. Congratulations, and this is one lucky vet clinic!

  3. Congratulations Jo. As you already know, it’s OK to be first in your life. You’ve raised an amazing family and I have no doubt they are proud of you and will be grateful for the time you will still have for them.


  4. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Congratulations! Change is hard, even when you WANT the change! Can’t wait to have a few blog posts about the job (although I guess there won’t be a bunch of them because you’ll have to respect patient privacy).

  5. Phyllis Singler

    I think this is just perfect for you and you will be with adults for a change. I often wondered how you did it all. You are a great granny but now is your time. I know you will
    Love your new life

  6. Good for you, Jo. The Lord leads us when we are attuned to Him and I think you are doing exactly what He planned for you. So happy for you!!

  7. Congratulations Jo mental health is so very important to our general health and it sounds like this is the perfect solution to everything.

  8. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, Miss Jo! So happy for you! This is a job just perfect for you and your talents and love of animals! Yay!!!

  9. Dorothy LeFevre

    Congratulations! You’ve taken a big step deciding to take the plunge. I too have thought about volunteering or working and you’ve inspired me to look into it.

  10. I did read that post. I wondered when you were starting work and why you hadn’t talked about it again.

    YEA!!!!!! Happy Day 1 celebration! I’m sure the pups, cats and pawrents LOVED seeing you today.

  11. Oh Jo that is the perfect job for you am so excited for you as like you say it ticks all the boxes. Am sure you will be a true asset to the vet and they too will love having you

  12. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Congratulations. It’s so important to put ourselves first for a change, it’s so good for our mental health. Enjoy your new job! It sounds perfect for you.

  13. Jo, congratulations on being brave and giving the job a go. Sometimes being terrified is ok. Do your best, have fun, and remember to pause and refocus when necessary.

  14. Jo this job sounds perfect for you. You love helping out with animals. I too worked as a para for kids with special needs for 16 years. It can be a very demanding and unpredictable job. I loved it while I did it but the dynamics of the job did change and it was time to retire.
    On thing Jo the animals don’t talk politics and the people you will work with will be caring as they have a love for animals.
    Keep us posted and good luck.

  15. Congratulations!
    There are times when we women have to put ourselves first and now you have done that. Your personality and attitude will surely benefit both you and the clinic!

  16. Jo, when I read that your mental health is better than it has been for years, I cheered for you! You have had to deal with so much since Kramer died and you have done it! So good that you are now able and ready to set your own calendar. I know that your kids are so proud of you.

  17. I am so happy for you, you and everyone need to put themselves first once in a while. It is your turn to do that. Enjoy the pets and the adult company. I miss working after retiring 3 years ago but I know that I do not have the energy to commute 1 hour plus each way work an 8 hour day with a lot of standing.

  18. Good for you, Jo!!! Enjoy this new venture!
    (SO glad you will still blog – I look forward to it every day! That said, of course you may need to cut back – you do what you need to do!)

  19. Congratulations, Jo! This job sounds perfect for you. We all love our adult kids, but we also need life balance. I can totally see you in this position. You love animals and you’re so friendly. You are too young to stagnant!

  20. Best wishes for success in your new career. I think you’ll love the change of scenery and the ego boost that is sure to come with it.

  21. Judith Fairchild

    Way to go Jo. It sounds like a perfect job with the hours you want. Please keep us posted on the new part of you.

  22. happy for you. this will also make going to Grandmas house more fun not babysitting. It is so good that you are doing things cautiously and well thought. There must be some great experiences to share with the children to help them see Grandma being active. I do hope you will be planting a smaller garden next year. But then again the clinic would give you another outlet for all those zucchini. HA.
    Best thoughts and prayers for you and your family as you all adjust to a new aspect to Grandma JOey.

  23. Good for you Jo! So glad you found something that suits you and your schedule. Sounds like the perfect job for you. But hey, if for some reason it just doesn’t work out, you can always step back from it and find something else. No judgement from any of us your loyal blog readers. HUGS… and stitches

  24. Cheryl in St. Paul

    It sounds like you found the perfect for you job! They bare blessed to have you. Think of all the humans and pets who’s lives you will touch in a positive way. The world needs more of that. Congratulations and you go, girl!

  25. I’m happy for you, Jo. When I saw part of this post a few weeks ago, but couldn’t get all of it, I just knew your job would have something to do with animals. So perfect for you. The vet clinic is lucky to have you–a win-win all around!

  26. Congratulations Jo. Sounds like you have chosen well for your new adventure. We all need to take time for ourselves away from the usual, the animals will welcome you!
    We can survive with less blogs, enjoy the new pathway. Cheers, Dot, NZ.

  27. Congratulations Jo. I’m really happy for you. This is a new start to your life and it’s something right up your alley.
    Love and prayers

  28. Congratulations! So very pleased your family are on board too. Meeting all sorts of people and more animals will be lovely. Enjoy!

  29. Congratulations! Finding a job sounds an excellent idea, working at the vets office sounds a perfect mix. Enjoy your work – I know the animals and their owners will love being greeted by you.

  30. Michele T Redman

    I wish you the best in your new job. It is such a blessing for you to find a perfect fit for a job, stepping into a new role with courage, optimism and kindness. I hope you share your new adventures with us.

  31. I’m so happy that things lined up for you in such a positive way. I’m impressed at your courage to start a new venture and for recognizing what is best for you. God Bless!

  32. Congratulations Jo! Admire you recognizing the need for change and then acting on that! Many would be stuck dreaming but you make life happen! Good for you finding the right fit! The Vet Office is lucky to have YOU!

  33. Great news. I wish you all the luck. Part time I hope fits into the many niches you have for your family, blogging, pets, and the wonderful quilting. I’m still coming to terms with my partner passing and all the little jobs that come with clearing out. I will get there too but you never know, I might be looking for a job to keep connected with the outside word. Mind you it no don’t will be voluntary work here in the UK. Good luck, anyway.

  34. Wishing you the best, Jo. Will continue reading your blog even if it is only posted once a day. You are a positive influence on numerous people and I believe they all want what is best for you. Enjoy all of your new furry friends; they are going to love you as well

  35. Good for you, Jo! Sounds like a great job for you. And most of all, you are putting yourself first! Sending best wishes!

  36. Congratulations on your new job! I am so glad for you. Please don’t worry to much about how often you blog. You do an excellent job of it and while I for one really enjoy reading each and every one I would not want you to worry about cutting down on a few! You are an inspiration to me!

  37. GOOD LUCK!! Hope it all works out the way you want it to go. Big changes ahead for sure. That grieving process is so different for everybody after losing spouse or somebody very close to you, not unusual I don’t think to take longer for things look and feel different. I am sure all your blog readers feel the same –that you need to take care of YOU and not worry about any of the other things. As your need changes, the same is true of your family and grandchildren.

  38. Meylonie Schatz

    Good for you, Jo! You are brave and strong! Not only are each and every one of us who follow you proud of you but Roger is clapping his hands in joy from Heaven, knowing this is a great move not only for you and your family but for the vet clinic who gets to experience your courage first hand while you’re there working!
    You go,Girl!

  39. Congratulations on your new job! I looks like it’s a perfect fit!
    In other matters, you blog post are still occasionally showing up as “gobbledygook.” Just thought I’d let you know.

  40. Congratulations on your new job! I love your blog,I read it everyday,I feel like your a great friend and I know your whole awesome family .Thanks for all you do.

  41. Congratulations! Decisions are hard and this was a big one! It sounds like the perfect fit for you! I hope you can continue to foster. I love those stories!

  42. hurrah for you JO! its going to be GREAT, and you are already GREAT, what a wonderful combination. it really is an illusive balance between self, mommy and grandma. you’re doing GREAT. have a wonderful time. shoshana

  43. Congrats on the new job! I think it will be the perfect job for you. I worked until I was 70 and loved going out each day, meeting people and using my brain. Your grandkids will always remember all the time you spent with them whether it was babysitting or just visiting. It is time for you to take some time for yourself and have a life of your own. Enjoy all the various aspects of your life to the fullest.

  44. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Talk about a perfect match between the job and the person!!! Hope the fit is a perfect as it sounds! So happy for you that you are with the animals you love and the people you enjoy being around!

  45. Congratulations on your new job Jo! You’ll be an amazing employee. The quote “ you do you” comes to mind. We can’t be everything to everyone else. You need to “do you”.

  46. Congratulations Jo!!! A new chapter, new friends, new experiences!! It will enrich your life, and sounds like a good balance with family. Best wishes and blessings to you!!

  47. So glad you were able to stick to your original plans and find a part time job close to home. You’re so good with people and obviously with animals, so certainly the job will be a good fit. The job is definitely an answered prayer!

  48. I’m so happy for you Jo. This sounds like the perfect opportunity for you. You do need to put yourself first and do what makes you happy. Enjoy the new job!

  49. Barbara Firesheets

    Congratulations on your new job! Hope it brings you the change you are looking for. Glad to hear you will continue writing blog posts. You inspire others more than you know.

  50. Sandra Davidson

    Hi Jo, congratulations on your new job and enjoy. It sounds like a fun job and the right one for you.
    I would like a job, they are looking for people to help walk and play with service puppies being trained for blind and that would be my perfect job at 81 but I can’t walk well enough. I just adopted two kitties and they are keeping me busy enough. They are four and five months old and I have trouble keeping up with them.
    Good luck hugs and blessings Sandra Davidson Canadian friend

  51. I’m so happy for you Jo! It will be very healthy for you to be out of the house a few days a week doing something fun and productive. Just remember to use your days off to engage in your hobbies that you love so much. They will take you to your zen place! You are truly an all around good person!

  52. Jo, I’m so happy I squealed!!!! What a great blessing for you and the perfect fit. So glad Jo has a calendar for Jo. Awesome sauce and great vibes for you. Prayers too! Keep up the great work of putting Jo on the front burner!

  53. Sounds almost too good to be true. Things have a way of working out. Congratulations! It’s a win for you, the vet team and all the animals in their care.

  54. I am so happy for you Jo! I’m glad you’ll still be blogging because I would be sad not to follow along with you anymore :) Enjoy that new job and having your own calendar.

  55. I have had some trouble with being able to read some of your blog entries but today was able to go back and read some of the ones that I have missed. I was seeing mentions of a job but had not seen this entry. I am so happy for you, as I really look forward to reading about your life with your kids and grand kids and pets and quilting, etc. I can certainly see you in this job. Everyone will love you, as all of us readers do, I am sure. I hope you feel great joy, fulfillment, and still plenty of time to do all the things you love. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, especially those of us who can no longer do much physically but enjoy knowing about those who can. Wishing the very best of everything for you!

  56. I’m so happy for you, Jo! That sounds like a wonderful job. I’m so glad you will still continue blogging – I’ve been following for many, many years and I truly think of you as a friend and would miss you so much if you stopped! Best of luck!

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