Change of Plans…

Remember I’m working on a baby quilt??  This one??

Well I’m this far along.  I sewed these together in a webbing so that I could sew them together without having to lay the blocks out.  The top is small enough that I could hold it up and figure out what color would be good to add to the row.

I need to add the horizontal sashing strips next.

You likely noticed that I have and open space at the bottom right on the corner.  Well, I’m meshing patterns.  I have this book from Lori Holt….

I am going to make the upper case “J” as that’s the baby’s first initial and put that in the bottom corner of the quilt.  The “J” is a little narrow so I’ll add background fabric on each side to bring it to size.

…and because I have to “tweak” everything, I think I’m going to jazz up the borders to make the quilt bigger.  Yes, I already added blocks to make a 5 x 5 setting…now I’m going to add the “J” and a row of squares too.

I like what I gift as a “baby quilt” to really be more of a toddler sized quilt.

So when someone asks for a pattern on this one, I have no idea what to say.  Tell me someone else combines patterns and their own ideas too.  This is one of the many reasons why I can never figure out copyright arguments.  No…this is not my design…but by the time I’m done, isn’t it??  I won’t have followed any pattern for the most part.  Enough on that.  We’ll save that discussion for another day.

11 thoughts on “Change of Plans…”

  1. Almost always make changes to the pattern. I usually use them as a “guide “. I want my quilts to reflect me not a designer, regardless of how well known.

  2. Lucky little baby girl!! There is very little that I make, that I don’t tweek in some way. I just can’t seem to make anything the same way twice, either :)

  3. I also tweek. Even did it to one of your patterns. Ariels wedding quilt, changed the squares to cut at 2 inches and then added a pieced strip all the way around of the printed fabrics And another border of the solid background fabric.

  4. Isn’t it all just too ridiculous? I understand that people want to make money, but….that pattern you were semi-following used nine patches. Did that pattern writer invent the nine patch quilt with sashing? If not, did she give credit to the individual who originally thought that one up? If not, then doesn’t that really just make her a tweeker too? I’m not saying…I’m just saying.

  5. Was going to follow a pattern for my current quilt (I usually design my own as I go). It’s a fairly simple Friendship Star design. But I decided there’s too much background so am reversing some of the stars!

  6. I never follow a pattern completely, if I use a pattern at all. I will always alter it somehow and that way make it more unique.

  7. Jo, I do the same thing. I like many patterns, but most of the time, I tweak it and make it my own. But as to the copyright, I have no idea what it would be. It’s confusing for sure. Your baby quilt is going to be so cute.

  8. I buy patterns and respect the need of the pattern maker/seller to make $$ selling their pattern.

    Copyright I don’t know copycat I do know.

    Showing where you got your measurements is helpful for all.

    I do like the quilt you are making.

    I am learning the current recommendations for babies and had I known 1 and 1/2 ago when I made a baby quilt for my friend and neighbor I would have made it larger.

    Currently it is recommended babies sleep without blankets in their cribs it is recommended instead to use a blanket sleeper to keep the baby warm and safe.

    As soon as I know everything it changes

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