Challenging Myself

If you are a regular blog reader, you know that I have totally been struggling with my UFO #6 from my Patchwork Times Quilt Challenge.

One of my complaints was that the BOM fabric requirements were SO off.  I have LOTS of fabric left over.  Well I dug through my cupboard and found some leftovers that I had from making a bag with similar fabric and threw it all in a box.


I was planning on having a giveaway to get rid of all the fabric, then last night, while paging through Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company book Miss Rosie’s Quilt Collection, I saw the quilt, Uptown Girl.

Right then and there…I decided I would try to make this quilt with the scraps.  My quilt will end up having more blues in it as there are blues in the leftovers.  Right now, I am guessing I might have to pull a couple neutrals but other than that, I think I will be able to make the quilt with the leftovers….I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Challenging Myself”

  1. Toni Anne Potter

    Good for you!! Use what you have, the colors are beautiful! Is that butterscotch I see there? Are the fabrics Thimbleberries or Civil War they’re very nice , I can’t believe you have that much left over. It should be beautiful>

  2. I do know that feeling – I bought two quilt kits where it says that a quilt can be made from a certain amount of material (included) and I always ended up adding to it somehow from my stash. Very frustrating.

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