Challenge Update

Here we are week two of the challenge to finish up a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern before the new mystery begins.  If you missed this and want to join us, here’s a link to the info.

How are you doing on your project??

Me, I’m doing pretty good…better than I thought I would be.

I am working on Celtic Solstice (gone wrong).  I started out with the star blocks in hopes of building my enthusiasm.  These blocks I sewed together correctly but I found I was a few pieces short of the number I needed.  I had to stop and make more units to put together into the blocks.  I’m happy though.  This means that I am almost half finished with the blocks I need for the quilt.  Unfortunately, the rest of the blocks will take a little more work!

Starting with these blocks was a good idea though as I am getting a little more excited about the quilt.

I had a little check in with my friend Nell.  She was doing a little math and was kicking herself for not picking an easier UFO as she was knee deep in half square triangles and nine patches.

We keep reminding ourselves, slow and steady, we can do this!!

So how are you doing??

We will see all back next week to share your progress again. In the mean time, keep on sewing!!

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  1. Calling the MIdnight Flight Quitl DONE for now. The binding is not quite there yet. I posted it for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival without the binding. Thanks for the challenge to get it done! On to the next one close to a finish.

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