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Kelli was home yesterday.  She had to get her car worked on and she likes the mechanics in Waucoma so she came to play while her car was in the shop.  That was fine with me.  We’ve gotten lots of requests for people to come to the retreat we’re hosting in 2015 that Bonnie Hunter is going to be at but we haven’t worked out any of the details.  We made some calls and worked on that a bit but still don’t have all the details in place.  We’re hoping in the next month or so to know more.

While we chatted, Kelli painted.  You might remember I showed an earlier picture of a dresser Kelli wanted to paint and use as an entertainment center, well here’s the before…


and here’s the after.

She used Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk with light and dark wax.  I love how it looks.  It’s WAY better in person than the photo shows.

She debated about whether to paint the handles or not.  The decision to leave them came about because the dresser has a thin strip of gold along the bottom of the top drawer.  She tried to paint it but the paint wouldn’t stick.  So she left the drawer pulls gold so it would match.  It actually looks wonderful.

She finished that up and then started on another project.

This is a little primitive piece that she plans to use in her kitchen.  I think it’s going to be super cute.

While she was doing all the painting I was busy cutting.


It was a fun day.  We didn’t accomplish a lot but sometimes..that’s okay.

8 thoughts on “Chalk Painting”

  1. OK, after all the chalk paint talk, I have a room full of rustic furniture from my kids that includes bunk beds, dresser, desk, under the bed drawer and shelf. Can’t get the one with the house to take it, and it is really good furniture. So, I decided to chalk paint it. What I was wondering, how much red paint did Kelly have left over after painting that dresser? I’d love to send you a picture to see what you think! Thank you!

  2. Love watching y’all chalk paint projects. You’ve definitely given me ideas. And the idea of a retreat sounds like so much fun! I haven’t done one in years.

  3. I hope I am on your list for the retreat. I think I emailed you last year, but I can’t remember for sure. Oh, and I love the chalk paint!

  4. Can I be on the list for the retreat????? And yes–how much paint does it take to do a piece of that size and where is the best place to get the paint from—-love-love it….it looks so expensive now doesn’t it????? Way to go….

  5. I would love to come to the retreat if you have openings! It would be great to meet you and Bonnie in person. I love your blog. The chalk painting that you guys have been doing is amazing! Great job!

  6. Suzanne McNeal

    I am interested in learning if you have attempted to paint fabric with the chalk paint. At Pinterest, there was a lady who painted the wicker and wood of a chair w/chalk paint and then painted in another color the fabric seat and back. Would like to hear your comments on same. Thank you.
    Love the red. Wonderful color choice.

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