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When we lived at the farm house I never ever worried about chair pads.  These days…I am always looking at them.  I am so frustrated as they often look like this…falling off.

All of our chairs sit on rugs most of the time so one would think we don’t need them but..I am a nervous.  I don’t want a bunch of scratches on the floor.  So many times with the childcare kids I am moving a chair from here to there to build a blanket house or something.  The chairs end up on the wood flooring from time to time and then sadly, so many of the felt chair pads have shifted.  Right now I have 20 chairs on the main floor that I am trying to keep track of.

Here I am at again…this metal chair has already put a scratch in the flooring so I watch this one like a hawk.

This time I bought a different brand of pads from Amazon.  I am hoping they might stick a little better and do the trick….but I doubt it.  Many have fallen off and I end up hot gluing them on.  I have the dining room chairs done.  Now I am off to do the childcare chairs and then the kitchen chairs.

Does anyone have a better suggestion?  I hate to seem like chair pad policeman.

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  1. Jo,
    I have the same worry about chairs scratching floors. I use chair pads that get pounded into the bottoms of my wooden chairs. They are not a nail but a circle of metal attached to the plastic thing that holds the pad. I replace them when the pad gets worn down. I purchase them at Home Depot (Menards doesn’t carry this type). You may be able to find them online somewhere else cheaper, but I think the price is worth not having to replace my flooring.

    I’m not sure about the metal chair, maybe a rubber tips that fit over the ends?

    Good luck:)

  2. We have had this issue in the past too. Even though they are ugly, we ended up using the thick, white plastic caps that go about an inch or so up each leg. For us, they lasted the longest and did the best job. It was our last choice, because I didn’t like the look of them, but they stayed on and protected my floor. Good luck!

  3. Use some batting & fabric to make “socks” for the chair legs. I hope to knit socks for my chairs, but I can’t seem to find the time.

  4. Bonnie Baker Lippincott

    Of course I had the same problem . . . I asked my sister why her floors never got scratched and she said leather! She got some thin-ish leather from the craft store and some really good glue, put the chair on the leather and drew around it. Cut out, glue on and no more scratches. AND it stays on! No more slipping and sliding off and no more scratches!
    I got the leather, about a 7×10″ piece and a tube of glue (I think 6000 was in the name) and went to work. I think it was less than $20. No more scratches!

  5. Daddy was a stickler for having them on all his chairs. He used the little ones that are hard plastic like the magic furniture mover things… They have a very thin “nail” and you simply nail them to the bottom of your chair. He never had a problem with them coming off.. You can get them at our local Walmart, so I am guessing any home improvement store would carry them.

  6. Hi! I found some that are dark gray felt with a brown plastic base that have a round metal piece that you hammer into the chair foot. In 10 years they’ve never come off. I have rotated them when one side wears down because the chair leg is not flat to the floor.

  7. Love E 6000! It glues anything together. It is kind of like rubber cement where you put it on both sides, wait a minute and stick the pieces together. We used scraps of carpet on the bottom of our chairs about 6 years ago. I like the leather idea.

  8. Jo, go to a hardware store and look for the nail on type. We bought some of those and they work great. It looks like Amazon has them as well.

    We tried the glue on ones and had the same problems.

  9. I have always used the hard plastic round ones that have a double-stick glue pad with which to attach to the bottom of the chair legs. They glide over carpet and wood floors and rarely come off. I keep extras on hand and just glue another one on if necessary, which is rarely. And they don’t leave nail holes in the bottom of the chair legs.

  10. I have the same problem and I read all the comments. I like the idea of glueing leather on. not sure where I will get some, but I will be on the look out for it. b4 the felt ones fall off again!

  11. I saw something on TV recently and now can’t think of what they were called. I went to Bing and typed in chair leg socks and here is one of the options that came up:

    Don’t know how well they work, but I’m thinking of getting some for our chairs.

    Here is a different type that popped up:

  12. It sounds tacky, but this is what I did. We bought a bag of tennis balls, and cut holes in them and put them on our dining room chairs, just like older people put them on their walkers. My floor isn’t scratched at all, and they stay on. I suppose you could paint the yellow part dark brown or something. I haven’t bothered.

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