I just wanted to let people know that I have a blog but I also have a life.  I have a full and vibrant life beyond the time I spent at the computer with the blog.  I spend a couple of hours a day most days at the computer, dealing with stuff that is blog related.  I write posts.  I answer emails.  I write patterns.  I respond and read comments.  I deal with behind the scenes things.  I now added Youtube to the mix so there is video editing and pattern designing too.  Several times a week that couple of hours turn into five hours as projects take the time or I had family here and wasn’t able to put the full amount of time in the day before.  Taking photos and editing them takes time.  Organizing mail takes time.  I never realized how much time it all takes.

Other bloggers say to me all the time, how do you write so often?  They say things like “I’m lucky if I can blog twice a week.”  The answer is, I’m willing to give up the time to write more.

BUT:  I am a human and appreciate downtime.  I have a life beyond what blog readers see.

So…once a week or so, I step away from the computer…usually on a weekend day, and I ignore the blog except to do the bare minimum.  I check if there is an urgent email.  I check to make sure the blog posted correctly….I write one blog post.  Then I walk away and have a life.

I have a rich life that is filled with so many things that I love…
my kids
my grandkids
Rosie my beagle
extended family

It’s also filled with responsibilities
my house
my yard
my garden
my finances
my personal health

I’ve learned to put my phone down.  I’ve learned to step away from the computer and blog and have my own life away from it.  I want to enjoy what I’m doing.  I want to enjoy my life.  I don’t want to run and jump every time I hear a ping from a device.

I’m telling you all this as last week on Saturday, I had one of my minimal days as far as working on the blog goes.  Lucy and Scotty were here.  Lucy and Scotty were both not feeling well.  I was on alert with the puke bucket and once they napped, I ran around the house trying to get their laundry washed and their things packed up as Karl was taking them home Saturday late afternoon.

Then Saturday night I took the time and made myself a decent supper.  Lucy and Scotty are picky eaters so I let them pick the menus for the four days they were here.  We had a lot of chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and the like.  I took time to make myself sweet corn and a pork chop.

After I was done with that, I tidied up the house and started pulling and washing all of the laundry.  Remember the kids had temps and Scotty was puking?  I had 4 loads of laundry to do from just that.  Then I cleaned and resorted toys.

At 8pm I decided whatever was left to do, it would have to wait until the next day.  I was going to cross stitch for the rest of the evening.  That is what I did.

So Sunday rolled around.  I slept in until 7:30am.  I had been up with the kids early the last four days and Lucy had been awake and cried in the overnight of Friday into Saturday and I had little sleep.

I got up and made breakfast.  I finished cleaning up the house and folding laundry.  I unloaded the dishwasher and then I decided I would finish the spot I was cross-stitching and then in the afternoon and tend the blog.  I did just that….

Imagine my surprise when I opened the comment section of the blog and read this:
Carol L wrote this:
Jo, I’m really disappointed to see that you’ve chosen to not publish my comment, which I posted here early today. I realize it’s your blog, but I wasn’t expecting censorship for my opinion & suggestion. You won’t miss me as a follower, I’m sure, but I will be unfollowing this blog.”

WHAT??  What was going on?  I don’t censor??

See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Censorship in Lebanon — CANVAS
So this lead me down a chase reading through comments trying to find out what was going on.  I didn’t understand what had happened.

Well after some investigation, I realized that Carol was not a fan of the Sewpads.  Apparently, on Saturday morning while I was hanging with my grandkids Carol L had wrote:
I’ve had these pads in my cars for quite a few years, and also have 1 at my computer desk, and another for sewing. I hate to denigrate a small business, but $90??? Really? That’s a ripoff. Sorry to say that, but so many quilting-related items are simply overpriced, to market to a specific market. If you want to save yourself some money, google ‘gel seat cushion’. You’ll find quite a few, with or without a lower spine notch, for around $40.”

The comment hadn’t gone through.  The blog held the comment as it always does with people who don’t regularly comment.  I know this is frustrating for some people but it is a necessity.  Every blogger will tell you that it is necessary for the first few comments anyone leaves to be censored.

The “holding of comments” prevents all of the trollers and creepos from getting their message about sexually explicate things from going into the comments.  You would not believe the amount the grossness of comments that are left that I wade through and delete.  Carol L’s comment, being she hasn’t commented regularly, was held for review along with the dirty nasty comments and comments from other new commenters.

The reason that Carol L’s comment was held had absolutely nothing to do with whether I agreed with it or not.  It had to do with that she never posted to the blog so the comment was held by the blog program.

So what do I think of the comments Carol L left?


-I am not going to give up my personal time to run to the computer every time it dings so I can check to see if there is a comment waiting for me to approve.  I am not going to give up weekend time to make sure that comments from people can be allowed to go through whether I agree with the comments or not.  My family comes first.  My life comes first.

-I do not believe in censorship.  It would be nice if people would be better at censoring themselves but what people write and how they write it is their personal choice and a reflection of themselves.

-One thing I learned with Covid-19.  I am buying American whenever I can readily find a product, even if there is a cost difference.  I want to support American workers.  I want to support American businesses.  I want jobs in our country.  I don’t want to depend so deeply on foreign countries.

I would like to make this final note so this is completely clear to anyone who leaves a comment on the blog:

If you leave a comment on the blog and you are a regular commenter, your comment will go through automatically.  The blog program will not hold your comment.

If you do not regularly comment on the blog, your comment will be held for review to make sure you are a trusted commenter and won’t be posting inappropriate links and disgusting comments.  Being I have a life and a family, it might take a day or two or five for me to read the comment, determine if the comment is not sexually explicit, and approve it.

I allow all comments and do not censor them even if I don’t agree with them and even if I am relatively sure the readers of the blog will blast the person’s comment.

Carol L is totally allowed her opinion.  We all are.  Freedom of speech, after all, is the American way…as is spending our money however we want and where ever we please.

You can find the SewPad post is HERE.  Gary was great and extended the free shipping through the end of the month.

Thank you to the majority of you who are patient with me and realize I do have a life beyond the 10 minute blubs you see in the morning and the evening.

79 thoughts on “Censorship??”

  1. Good for you for speaking up, Jo! I would never expect a blogger to “instantly” approve comments, especially over a weekend. Every person is entitled to time off from their work, and bloggers work harder than most.

  2. I have been reading your blog faithfully for several months. I apologize for not commenting before but I am not computer savvy anymore. I love your work and I am now following your daughters also. I think you are a wonderful quilter. Thank you for sharing your work and your family.

  3. Love your blog and can’t understand how people don’t see how busy you are even without the blog! I would miss you if you didn’t post for a day or two each week, but I would understand. If my post does not go thru immediately I totally understand. This world seems to be full of rude crazy people with inappropriate comments, so it is good that all comments don’t automatically post!

  4. So sorry you had those negative comments. Reminds me of our discussion last week. It’s hard, but you have to be a duck and let the water slide off your back. I am still learning this lesson. Enjoy those grands, the family and all the free time that you need.

  5. Good for you Jo life as we know is so uncertain. Your life is yours and you should not have to explain to anyone how you spend your time it belongs to you and no explanation is required. I enjoy your blog and also share your practice on buying American made products and will willing pay a little more if I know that my purchase will help keep a business going.

  6. Of course you have a life! And, as you have written for all to see, you’ve been extra busy dealing with the issues in your family because of the storm – of course that comes first! I would never accuse any blogger of censoring – there are other responsibilities besides checking every comment every minute of the day. Good for you for letting everyone know how this works.

  7. I only read three blogs and you are one of them. I value your blog and what you write. In fact I can’t wait to see what you have to say as it is down to earth and pertains to what I enjoy. Your list could have been written with me in mind except for the cross stitch.
    Bless you and your family and keep the blogging coming to your fans.

  8. Christine Jernigan

    It amazes me how much you get done on any given day. The love and enjoyment you have with your family, and your charitable spirit is so obvious in all your blogs. You give me so much inspiration, you’ll never know… and I’m SURE many, many people feel the same. You are one amazing person.

  9. I admire you for putting your priorities first. For the 30+ years I worked, I put work in front of many of my family’s needs much to my regret. I am sure that most of us have no idea of the intricate details of maintaining a blog with as many readers as you have. I have a small blog with a couple followers and few posts. I can only imagine how time intensive maintaining your blog is. With all your efforts to support your family, especially during the Iowa storm, I am amazed that you do all that you do. I’m a big fan.

  10. Suzanne Shepherd

    I am a new reader who really appreciates your fun, busy, uplifting and positive outlook on life. You are “beholden” to no one to blog or respond to comments on any schedule but your own. Thanks for the cheer you bring to each day.

  11. Pamela Papazidis

    Thank you. Simply thank you for your blog, for sharing your quilting, your needlework, your family, your highs and lows, your honesty, your recipes, your common sense and mostly just for you.

  12. It seems that some blog readers have developed a sense of entitlement. If a blogger usually posts on Tuesdays and Fridays, or, if like you, twice a day, the doggone it, there had better be a post! If a comment doesn’t post within a “reasonable” time, they get bent out of shape or make false assumptions, as your writer did.
    Personally, I love reading your posts. You’ve taken time to write them and I appreciate your efforts. But frankly, I have no right to expect you to educate or entertain me! And if for whatever reason, you choose not to publish a comment, it’s YOUR blog. So forget the negative readers and know that the rest of us love what you do!

  13. Beryl In Owatonna

    I am new to your blog and enjoy it very much. I have been amazed at how often you post one!! I found you when I was looking to see if you had a store…guess not. : ( I have been staying in Iowa during the last 6 months, so we were looking for some places to go to. I have been in Liscomb, just south of Eldora. I actually live in MN.
    Keep up the good work, but your family comes first!! Those little ones are so cute and look like they enjoy time at their Grandma’s house!! I was surprised they didn’t put up more of a fuss when they didn’t feel good. Those are times Mommy is so important to them…you are loved for sure!!
    Thanks again for your time and work.

  14. Maybe I’m odd, but once I post a comment I don’t go back to see if it appeared in the comments. I sure don’t blame you for putting limits on your computer time and spending time with your family & just having a life. It seems Carol’s expectations weren’t met so she’s moving on. It’s her choice. I always enjoy your blog posts. It doesn’t matter what the topic is….quilting, stitching, grandkids, Rosie, life in general. I’ve been following your blog long enough that you feel like a friend.

  15. Marilyn Kingsley

    Dear Jo, just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. Your posts make me so happy. The quilts are so inspiring. The grand kids are darn cute too! Even when they’re arfing and barfing, as my sister used to say. These times are hard and your cheerful letters in my inbox really make a difference in my day. Thank you so much.
    p.s. you’re allowed all the down time you can squeeze in!

  16. I am continuously amazed that you find time to blog twice a day with all that you have going on. i appreciate the time you put into it. Your blog is the first thing I check when I get on the computer.

  17. Maxine Corimski

    We all love you and wish you the best in life and health.
    Good for you, Jo, for sticking up for yourself and that wonderful family of yours.

  18. Wow! Just wow! If anyone reads your blog with any regularity they would know that you have a life besides blogging. You talk about your grands, your quilting, your cross stitching, your health issues….who has time for such silliness? Keep on doing what you’re doing and forget about the people who have nothing better to do but criticize you.

  19. I’m glad you put your family and your life first.

    Carole’s loss. I’m with you….buy American and support SMALL business whenever possible. Chances are quality is much higher as well. And this being the same gel stuff as our patient care equipment in the operating room, $89 is a BARGAIN! I won’t tell you what I pay for the patient care devices ;-D

    Keep on keepin’ on ;-)

  20. I think you are a very special person Jo. I enjoy reading your blog, your daughters, Chicken Scratch Country Threads and Quiltville. I am retired and don’t see many people but reading these blogs make me fill I have friends.

  21. Good for you Jo! I hope you feel the support and love from your readers. I really look forward to reading your blog twice each day and miss it on the days you skip a second post. But you have a life and blogging is only a small part of it. I appreciate all you do for your followers and your community. My world would be darker without your greetings each day. So enjoy those wonderful grandchildren , your children, your sewing, your Stitching, your dog and your home. You are a bright spot to my day and I look forward to reading what you have to say each day!

  22. It’s too bad that Carol has nothing better to do but complain. I feel sorry for her. Jo, you need down time like the rest of us and don’t need to run to the phone constantly. Don’t feel bad about it. I turn mine off after dinner and my kids know how to reach me on our landline. That is my time to decompress from the day.

  23. Jo-you go! You put this so wonderfully!!! Love seeing your posts, but love that you’re a real person so much more! If you need the time—take it! Do what works for you!

  24. I marvel at your writing skills and ability to fit two postings a day into your busy life. When I do not see a post from you, I know you are living your life. Buy quality and you will not have to replace it for a long time, if ever.

  25. Jo- I appreciate how much you give to us, all the time! I wish people who have a problem with things like prices of items and such just keep that opinion to themselves. I will make up my own mind as to whether or not I need an item or if the price is more than I want to pay. I’m glad you have priorities and follow them. I just painted a sign that says “Family is Everything “. You’ve got that one figured out!!

  26. Wow! You are not the only blogger to read comments before they are published. It is part of your responsibility of writing a blog. Glad you took the high road. Hopefully Carole has had second thoughts about what she wrote and how she reacted. Grace for the moment.

  27. Jo, you have a “Full Plate” and then some… I have always been amazed at how much you are able to accomplish. And you don’t owe us an explanation as to why you can’t answer right away. I remember about -10 yrs ago hearing on a sewing program that in order to accomplish a project you do have to put your priorities in order and stay off the computer. I’m sure her comment probably came across all wrong as she was frustrated? I have a gel pad and they are great when we sit for so long.

  28. sometimes, a few times, not many, I see my comment has not gone through but I figure it is because of a computer program. Not because you kicked it out.
    Just wondering- did a package show up on the door step today. My friend is not looking for pictures nor a thank-you from a busy person, just wondering. We all know how crazy the mail has been. Enjoy the family and creating beautiful quilts.

  29. Barbara Lutgendorf

    First of all it is impressive you blogged anything at all with 2 small grandchildren with tummy issues, much less taking care of family during a weather crisis. Kudos to you. been reading your blog for a few months- I can’t go out because medical treatment lowers my white blood cell count. Your blog and other quilters blogs widen the horizon beyond the backyard. Does so much for quarantine sanity. Your charity work is so inspiring. As one commenter said – keep on keeping on. Take care.

  30. Yes, Jo, you have a life other then a blog. love reading your blog, but hey, I have a life to, it is called work outside of the home and then come home. I wish I could quilt, knit, crochet more but again, I have a life outside of the home.
    Take care, sue, from Wisconsin

  31. Jo, I really enjoy and appreciate you! I like your blog and all that you share. You have spoiled us with 2 daily posts. I hope you do what is best for you and your family.
    Enjoy your world. Thanks for being a friend to many.

  32. Oh dear. A fellow church member scolded me for not joining the Zoom Sunday School class. Now mind you prior to Covid I was the Sunday School teacher and this person never came to class. I had a response all typed up and then deleted it and responded I am so glad you are enjoying it. Hope to see you in our class when Covid is over. People are getting cranky these days. You are doing wonderful, amazing really in my book.

  33. Sheppard Morrison

    Why are people so selfish and thoughtless? Thank you for the wisdom and joy you send our way every day.

  34. Hang in there Jo! I love reading about the adventures with your family and I’m glad you have more time to spend with them. Imagine if you were still doing child care. You would not have had the time to drive all over looking for and delivering supplies to your family and taking care of the grands when they needed you most. Always remember that you have thousands of wonderful, positive, supportive followers. Perhaps the angry reader has something very wrong in her life right now and she decided to take it out on you. I wish her peace. If you ever decide to cut back to one blog a day, your loyal fans would miss the second post, but we’d also understand that you have a life to live. and you are making the most of it!

  35. I have been reading your blog for a long time. I read Kalissa’s too. You are both so busy and accomplish a lot. I enjoy your glimpses of your life, especially the kids, Rosie and the quilts. I can’t believe how you drove so far gathering and delivering generators and picking up grandkids. You are such a good person.

  36. I’m like Linda in NE — if I get the notice that a comment has to be approved before it shows up, I don’t give it another thought. I never check whether it went through. Life’s a bit too short to worry about when (or if) my comment gets onto a blog, any blog. It’s not like MY comments are so important that everyone needs to see them! :)

    I enjoyed hearing about your relaxation choices. Your priorities make a lot of sense to me — I agree that it’s best not to be running to the computer or phone at every little ping.

  37. Good post! It may take me 10 minutes to read one of your posts but I’m positive it takes you MUCH LONGER to write and edit it! And that is why grammar and spelling errors in blogs doesn’t bother me. You have an active life with all that you listed and the fact that you take the time to even write about it makes me very grateful. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in your area, so different from Washington state where I grew up or where I now live. Family, etc. should always come first in our lives. If you skip a post I pray for you, that all is well and you are busy enjoying family or are helping someone. And if I disagree with you (or any other blogger I follow) I try to keep it to myself or quietly stop following. We all have different opinions, that’s what makes the world go around.

  38. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I read every comment on my blog before I allow it to be published, just because of the crap I was getting from spammers. With my life journey these last 4.5 years, I haven’t posted many times and forget to go back and check for comments…so some of them took over a year to show up!! No one castigated me for my lack of diligence in getting their comments on to my blog. Like someone else said, when I post a comment on a blog, I rarely go back to see if it shows up! Who has that kind of time?? You do you…we all obviously love reading about your busy life and all you accomplish!!

  39. Arrowhead Gramma

    Too much negativity in the world right now. People need to remember the old sayings: Think before you speak and never criticize a man (or woman) until you’ve walked a mile in his (her) moccasins.

    Keep up the good work Jo as your blog is really appreciated . Just know that so many of us look forward to each new post when it appears. Take care.

  40. Stacia Schwartz

    Sometimes people are rude, especially on the web. Best thing to do with people who say they are quitting your blog is to silently wish them on their way and delete the message. Blogging is a nice-to-do, not a 24/7 job. Carol’s second post was clearly meant to hurt you and make you feel as bad as Carol feels about her own life.

  41. Oh, dear! What does it say about us that we jump to conclusions and rush to judgement about such minor things? I love your blog, and have been reading it for years, although I’m an infrequent commenter. I never expect to see my comments within any time frame–you definitely have enough on your plate. Thanks for doing all you do, and sharing your rich, busy life with us all.

    PS–I try to like your posts, but lately have been getting an empty window pop up briefly. Not sure if the problem is on my end. But just know I like all your posts!

  42. Sometimes I’m amazed that anyone blogs or posts these days. It seems that people expect someone to be sitting at their computer waiting for a personal reply. That is not the intent of blogging. I admire your energy and charisma, you help your family and your community and you are well spoken. Thanks Jo for the inspiration!

  43. So sorry you had such a nasty comment. I love your posts whenever you can . I live in the uk and totally agree with you I will try to buy British even if it costs a little more. Have a great day

  44. Hi Jo –

    I comment regularly but I’ve been reading for about a year now. To me commenting is a little like replying only “Thank you” to an email. It’s nice to do, but mainly just clutters and already busy inbox. I like to think that I only comment when I feel I have something intelligent to say, and something relevant to the post. I think this is important — please don’t stop what you are doing, you have an incredible gift for not only quilting, but storytelling.

    Apparently the critic is a fairly new reader. I can’t think anyone who has read any length of time, would expect you to be waiting around to approve comments right away – especially on a weekend – and more importantly with the conditions in parts of Iowa right now. I just heard this morning that they are still roughly 30K people without power.

    I hope Carol comes back with an apology, but if not, I say it’s not a great loss. The rest of us have got your back.

  45. Reading your blog posts is always fun. I have found some wonderful things for quilting and non quilt related. Books, wool pressing mats, cutting tools, and patterns and so much more. You are constantly sharing with your readers, and with our current ”no gathering” status in life, it is refreshing to know that quilters haven’t lost their generosity in life. I too, look for Made In America products, support local business and gift/donate locally.
    Keep doing what you have been doing for years. It is working for you, your family, and your followers.

  46. JO! I have followed you for sometime now. I can honestly say I look forward to reading your blog everyday. What a lot of work you go through for your followers…. its so sad people can’t remember what we were taught in the good ole days. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.

    From someone who truly appreciates your blog and your patterns and your time, I am sorry there are ugly people in the world. She had every right to give her opinion, but not to harangue you for not posting it.

  47. Marlene Clausen

    I wasn’t going to comment, left, changed my mind and came back. I am a huge advocate of free speech and the internet in all it’s guises allows us to be very, very free with out speech. So, my thought is quite simple. This is your blog, to blog when you want, about what you want, how often you want. If I want to read what you have to say, I will. If I have a (hopefully) relevant comment that might add something, I will comment. If I don’t like what you have to say, I will move on. If you say things I don’t like often enough, I will not read your blog. Freedom of speech and freedom of reading! I feel sad you should have to justify any of this. That was why I had initially decided to not comment.

  48. Hi Jo,
    I’ve been following your blog for some time and I think this may be the first time I leave a comment. I admire you so for your energy and generosity with taking the time to post all that you do. I don’t know how you accomplish so much each day but I just want you to know that I appreciate all that you write about daily. I have learned so much on your blog and love the variety of subjects that you talk about. I am always amazed at the critics out there that take time to whine or complain about such trivial matters such as this. Keep up the good work and thanks for your time. I’ll keep reading and enjoying your blog as long as you are willing to share.

  49. I have had many jobs where I dealt with the public directly and it is always interesting how most people are so kind and wonderful and then all of a sudden there will be someone that takes your breath away with their rudeness!!! It’s amazing to me how that one person can suck the room dry in a nano second! I’m so sorry you experienced that. You are so gracious and generous with all of us, sharing your life and your family. I look forward to your blog every day, thank you! God bless you and let this rudeness roll off your back!

  50. There are always Grouches in any group. Just know that 99.9% of us can find no fault with you or your family! As always, Hugs to you,

  51. I am not a regular poster, so this will be caught in the program, I’m sure. But I wanted to say that I agree with you wholeheartedly. One thing I have learned from COVID is that we needed to take time with our family, and being transitioned to work from home for both my husband and me was simply wonderful. It is difficult to not look every time my phone pings, but I have found myself spending less time on Facebook and more time cooking and doing things with my husband. I don’t have an active blog, but we do a lot of quilting and woodworking together outside of our day jobs at universities in Northeast Missouri. It is sad that people think we need to drop everything and respond within minutes of their request, when it is simply unhealthy and unrealistic to be held to that expectation. Keep doing what you are doing. I enjoy your blog and read it regularly, and love what you have to say.

  52. I am not on the computer for days at a time. Family and the yard and the pets take up a great deal of time. Stick to your ideas. I truly enjoy reading your blog and feel I am part of your family.

  53. Jo I’m sorry to hear that you get gross postings that you have to wade through. I’m even sadder that you get bitchy posts from blog readers. I am amazed what you juggle having a healthy satisfying life and that you are willing to share your life with your readers. Thank you for being inspiring. You have no idea how what you have written has lifted my spirits over the past year. Thankfully my back surgery has finally been scheduled for October 1st. I’m hoping for a new outlook on life after that.

  54. I love your blog and I love you sharing your life with us. Your quilting is wonderful and I love to hear about your gardening and grandkids. Blog when you can — but spending time with family and doing the things you love is way more important.

  55. Laurie E Lauricella

    Great response Jo. I can’t understand why people take time out of their day to write nasty things. I can just picture them pounding at their keyboard to get their unsolicited response out! I think you are good at letting it roll off your back but sorry that you have to. Hope your family is all well.

  56. Yes, your family and home come first. That should always be the case. I like what you wrote about people being better at censoring themselves. I think that about sums up a lot of things! Also, we probably need a little reminder to just give people the benefit of the doubt before deciding how to react.

  57. Jo, first I love your blog and all it covers from family to quilting and keeping it real. I didn’t know that blog programs hold some posts for approval if you don’t respond often, see I learned another new thing following your blog. I also appreciate that it does this since I don’t want to see the sexual crap that flows threw some sites. Let it roll off your back, like a duck. I keep seeing posts about the devastation in Iowa, hoping power is getting restored.

  58. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, Jo. IYour blog is great and I so enjoy reading it. I’m sorry there are people who are so easily offended and give you a hard time.

  59. YOUR life, YOUR blog, YOUR choice. It’s amazing what people will say on a computer. I doubt that Carol would have been so rude or judgmental to you in person.

  60. I’m another first-time respondent. With this thread I’ve learned how blogs work, and more about your life. You are a “bizzy” person, but of course that was evident. You have your head on straight and your heart in the right place! With regard to negative comments, we can follow our own advice and forgive those who make it clear they don’t like something. We don’t know where they’re coming from. By the way, I’ve had to be forgiven quite a lot, haha.

  61. I agree with you 100%. A good work/life balance is essential! Don’t be disheartened, I’m sure your happy readers far outnumber the disgruntled ones. I enjoy your blog and enjoy making so many things on it. So I, for one, am a little relieved if you miss a day or two as it gives me time to catch up!! ;)

  62. You are not a machine, you need downtime. Life is tough enough. If everyone could just slow down and take a breath once in a while, things would be a lot easier for all of us. Thank you for all of the lovely things you post on your blog.

  63. Hi Jo, I have been one of your “regular blog readers” for over 8 years so whether you know it or not, I feel like I know you and your devoted family fairly well. Thank you for answering my question about different weights of shirting last week. My goodness, with all the Kramer family goings on-it sure sounds like you have raised kind, sensitive kids, and it’s such fun to read their blogs. Honestly, if you lived closer, I would be dropping in at dinner time since everything you cook looks and sounds yummy. I am sorry Carol L left you a snarky comment about her seat pad. Obviously, the one she is using seems to make her irritated! I think Carol needs to write letters about things that bring her joy, not stress. It’s a good thing her feet don’t hurt, I just spent $400 on orthotics for my shoes!! Let’s all hope that Carol finds happiness soon!

  64. I love reading your blog but I would never expect you to do it any different than you already do. It is your choice how you want to run it and how you handle comments. I can imagine how much time it takes to write your posts as it takes me quite a bit of time to read the few blogs every day that I follow. That is if I even get to them every day. There are some blogs where my comments are posted right away and others take awhile to be approved, it’s just how it works and I don’t ever expect the writer to comment on what I havet to say. I have never understood why people get so offended over things that are just not a big deal.

  65. Debbie Harrison

    Excellent reaction Jo. I’m in Australia and love your blog, especially as it is about more than just quilting. You allow us into your life, thank you. As you are buying American made, we, in Australia, are buying Australian made. Let’s hope we can all do our little bit for our countries. Keep up the good work, hello to your family.

  66. You are loved by us, Jo. I love your blogs and The Pink Shoelaces also. These have become an enjoyable part of my day due to being stuck in the house most of the time. Not only is it due to the COVID deal, but our temps here in Phoenix are beyond scorching.
    Don’t let a few unhappy people get you down.

  67. I am rolling on the floor laughing! The whiners are everywhere! ( I so wanted to call Carol L a “Karen” but I don’t think the not-“karen” Karens would like that.) Everyone (except Carol L?) has a life off of the computer. I ignore my email for days some weeks. Why? I work on a computer all day long. Some days I just want to not-type-anything once work is over.
    I have never posted here before. My mom just shared your site with me recently and I love your posts, Jo.
    You are absolutely right to put yourself and your family above all else. Our crazy comments can wait. And wait. And wait. Like my comment will wait until you see it. And I will not whine. I will continue to sit in my chair and chuckle ( and maybe pity) the people who’s need for instant gratification runs their life.
    Keep up the good work, Jo. And ignore us whenever you want.

  68. Jesus couldn’t please everyone so take it with a grain of salt. Tell us important stuff like how is freezer and pantry cleanup going with you and your daughter. You live a simple good life with Gods grace all over your family. Thank you for sharing with us.

  69. OH JO!
    Sorry for her inconsiderate attitude. The anonimous nature of the whole blog/internet has given negative people the feeling that they can just lash out and hurt cause they Can.
    I love your blog look forward to it whenever it gets to me. You are busy and I am amazed!!!!!!! at all you do. Love recipes I have tried, made quilts from your pics and cried when you lost Kramer.
    Just know that there are those of us who dearly think of you as a friend on the other side of my screen.
    I know if you lived next door we could still be friends {_} Did not quite make the heart that I wanted but you get the idea.
    And you do not have to respond. Hee Hee

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